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5 Tips to a More Positive Outlook on Life with Pandora Paloma

By Pandora Paloma, Magnetism Activator and Business Coach for Spirited Entrepreneurs and Visionaries 


October is Menopause Awareness Month, and to celebrate, we've partnered with pioneering Quantum Transformation and Business Coach Pandora Paloma, to bring you some expert advice on the power of a positive mindset.

Read on to discover 5 key ways you can shift your mindset to give yourself a more positive outlook on life...

Know your Values

A positive outlook on life will come when you’re anchored into what positivity, fullness and aliveness looks like for you. What makes you feel good, alive, excited by life? And are you doing enough of it? What’s important to you in life? Are you living into those values enough? As a guide I recommend writing down a list of 50 things that are important to you (yes it’s going to feel like a lot but I promise it will get you thinking!). You’ll get to your core 5-10 values by crossing off those that feel less important to you 5-10 at a time. Once you have a list of 5-10 values, go deeper by writing down the three biggest experiences of your life; the turning points or experiences that really stand out as important to you. Now, when you tune into why, do they align with the values you have left? If they do, there’s your core values. If they don’t, it will give you an opportunity to tweak and refine so that you can find what the core values are. Personally I have my values written down in my home so that everyday I’m reminded of what is truly important to me. 

Let Go of What’s Not Important

Now you’ve got your values locked, it gives you a permission slip to choose to let go of anything you’re holding in your mind, hearts and body that simply doesn’t matter (nor align with what’s actually important to you). By nature - through conditioning and social pressure, many of us hold pain, struggle or emotional weight but rarely question, why am I holding this? As an internal rule and boundary, get on board with asking yourself, ‘if this won’t matter next week, next month or next year, can I let it go?’. Can you loosen the grip of what you’re making something mean or mean about you in a quest to create more space for positivity in your life? 

Get Clear on your Goals and Vision

Studies show that when people wrote down their goals, they were 33 percent more successful in achieving them than those who formulated outcomes in their heads. Personally in my work as a coach I find that women by nature love purpose; to feel like they are having an impact on their own development and growth, and others. It gives us something to move towards, to get up for and to inspire us to create positive lives and change. I invite my clients to set ‘word of the year’ that encapsulates their intention - how they want to feel - for the year. This might be spaciousness, health, wealth, freedom. From here, what does this look like in terms of clear goals? And from here what is the action you can take based on each goal that will help you reach it? Vision is powerful but action is the accelerator to creating a life that you love. It starts with you and what you are choosing. 


Don’t Attach to Others Timelines

One positivity killer is comparisonitis; our constant strive to be achieving what others around us are. One of the most empowering ways I teach my clients to bring more positivity into their lives is to trust in their own timeline. It’s not too late to start something new. It’s not too early to leap into what feels right. The only timeline you need to trust is your own. 


Choose YOU

Ultimately finding more positivity will come when you choose you first; when you chose to live life on your compass, eat what makes you feel good, say yes to your passions, live your values fully, nourish yourself and friendships that make you feel rich in aliveness and joy and marinade yourself in all the goodness life brings. Nature is abundant. The universe is abundant. Your body is abundant. Say yes to you. Say yes to abundance. 

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