Free 4-in-1 cleanse with every purchase

Lumity is delighted to announce the launch of both our gorgeous new website and our newest hero product the 4-in-1 Cleanse Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour this September. To celebrate, we are gifting a mini 10ml sized version of the Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse with EVERY purchase.

Simply purchase any item you like and automatically receive your free 4-in-1 cleanse as a gift from us. Take a look around the new website while you’re here.

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Our Story

Healthy Beauty 24|7

Lumity was born out of a passion for improving lives. Our edited, simplified capsule skincare line is the result of careful scientific research and clinical trials.

Dr Sara Palmer Hussey

"My aim was to create products that offer tangible benefits. I thought if we could offer people something that noticeably improves the way they feel on a daily basis and gives them an effortlessly healthy, glowing appearance, they will have the energy and freedom to focus more on the things they love."

Your Best Age is Now

Lumity celebrates life itself and our products are about happiness and seizing the moment. When our clients report that Lumity’s products have improved their quality of life, that’s what motivates us and is what we set out to do.

Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

Over 100 women were invited to take part in a consumer study about the results of Lumity on skin rejuvenation. 97% saw an improvement in at least one skin characteristic, 73% saw a reduction in fine lines, 72% noticed improved hydration and quality of their skin.

Morning & Night Supplements

We conducted a placebo-controlled, double-blind, two-cell clinical study on 50 female subjects, aged 35-65, for 12 weeks. Subjects ingested Lumity or a placebo twice daily. 92% saw improved skin, hair and nails, 88% felt more alert and 84% noticed more energy.

Helping the planet

Lumity's commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a very important focus for Lumity and we are constantly testing and implementing new environmentally-friendly solutions for our product packaging. We have never tested any of our products on animals and we pledge to remain fully committed to protecting the planet and sustainability.

Real people, real results

Read what Lumity's clients noticed

"My hair has changed noticeably. It has youthful vitality to it and is much thicker. My skin too feels more moist and my nails stronger too. Even though I have wrinkles I feel amazing."

Jessica via Via Trustpilot

"The oil isn’t greasy but is heavy so you only need ONE drop. I pat It into my skin ever night & when I wake up in the morning my skin looks fimer. My skin looks really healthy and glowy."

Jade via Via Trustpilot

"Delivery was easy to track with great communication. Have been using Lumity for a week now and am starting to notice positive effects."

Nikki via Via Trustpilot

"Wonderful product and very honest company reducing the price of their product when transferring product to eco friendly packaging."

Vanessa via Via Trustpilot

"I have been using this product since last November in the run up to my wedding in October and have been very happy with the results."

Anna via Via Trustpilot

"My little bottle of liquid gold arrived perfectly packaged as always! Thank you Lumity."

Gillian via Via Trustpilot
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