Love is powerful

Let’s celebrate the women we love

This March we’re celebrating the ladies in our lives with International Women’s Day and UK Mother’s Day. Whether it’s your mother, sister, daughter, or best friend, a powerful female role model will give you strength in your darkest hour and lift you up in your brightest moments.

We’ve picked our favourite inspiring women for you to read about, and a few words about the wisdom we’ve learned from our mothers, along with a selection of perfect gifts for you to give to the women that you love.

Ultimate Female Wellness Gift

This gorgeous gift set contains a one-month supply of our award-winning Morning and Night supplements for women, a full-size bottle of Skin Nutrients and one of our most-wanted jade rollers.

Lumity’s clinically-tested supplements improve skin and hair quality, while boosting energy and vitality. They also encourage a healthy immune system, enhanced brain function and tranquil nights.

Loved by the A-list and Beauty Editors worldwide, these award-winning supplements go perfectly with a full-size bottle of our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil, plus our Jade Roller for glowy Christmas skin.

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Ultimate Male Wellness Gift

Ideal as a gift for the man in your life who thinks he has it all, our Men’s Wellness Kit contains a ready-made health and wellness regimen in one.

Includes a 4-week supply of Lumity’s Morning and Night Male Supplement, which has been featured in GQ magazine thanks to its tangible results for men's health and wellness. It is a powerhouse, twice-daily supplement that improves energy, focus, brain health and immunity as well as reducing oxidative stress while looking after skin, hair and nails.

We've included a limited edition Chilly’s water bottle for hydration whether they're in the office or on a long bike ride.

Give them the gift of better health and wellness this Christmas and beyond.

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Your all in one healthy ageing toolkit

Comprehensive supplements with multiple benefits for skin, hair, nails immunity, energy, rest and more

Backed by science you can trust

The results for Lumity’s Morning and Night Female Supplements clinical trial were published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology - which provides peer-reviewed, evidence-based information on the latest research.

During this 12-week, independent study, 92% of participants reported that there was a significant shift in the condition of skin, hair and nails, while 84% noticed they had more energy, with fewer colds, plus increased mental alertness and endurance also scoring highly.

Dr Zoe Diana Draelose, MD of Dermatology Consulting Services, PLLC in High Point, North Carolina said that by week four there was, “statistically significant preference for the supplement over the placebo in terms of fewer colds, increased mental alertness, enhanced endurance, improved hair quality, stronger and healthier nails, better skin and increased skin hydration. These results continued to increase throughout the study.”

The science

Created by a busy professional like you who understands the pressures of your life

Dr Sara Palmer Hussey wants to help you get better as you age.

The Cambridge-educated research scientist and PhD has spent years studying the human body and how we age, as well as ways to slow that process naturally using efficacious products which have been backed by science.

Intrigued by the role the correct daily nutrition plays in great health, Sara has created a range of supplements that deliver tangible results so you can take your Lumity and then relax and get on with your life, knowing your daily nutritional needs have been taken care of.

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