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Want to be happier? Listen to your body clock


There’s lots for us to smile about but sometimes joy is eclipsed by the pressures of everyday life. If you’re eager to boost your mood and bring happiness back into your life, you might want to give your circadian rhythm a little TLC.

What brings you happiness differs from one person to the next but there’s a single thing that’s becoming abundantly clear in all walks of life and that is that regulating your body clock will vastly improve your wellbeing and in turn, your mood.
You might wonder what your body’s 24 hour clock has to do with putting a smile on your face and the answer is, a lot! Which is why we’ve broken it down for you.

You’ll sleep better

The quote; “you’ll feel better in the morning” is so true, especially when you’ve had a quality night’s sleep. To wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day you need to ensure you’re getting between seven and nine hours of sleep a night and that’s impossible if you’re regularly hitting the hay at 2am.
For quality sleep you must get into an effective nighttime routine meaning blue light emitting screens are turned off an hour or two before you go to sleep, you’re not exercise or eating too close to bedtime and you don’t turn in too late either.
Once you establish this pattern of going to bed ‘on time’ and rising at roughly the same time in the morning (weekends too) you’ll hopefully start feeling way more rested and happier too.

You’ll lose weight

When we eat has been shown to be as important as what we eat because our metabolic rate is regulated by the circadian rhythm too. If you eat out of sync – so snacking late at night or skipping meal times entirely – you’re more likely to gain weight.
Eat with the sun in the daytime and fast at night and your waistline and your overall health will benefit as will your happiness levels.

You’ll be more productive

Feeling like you’re underachieving can bring you down and leave you stressed. You might think that working until the wee hours of the morning to get everything done will leave you able to breathe a sigh of relief. But regularly doing this will leave you burnt out and unhappy. You need rest and relaxation to function better and getting your body into the right rhythm will help this happen. When you’re getting things done on time, at the right time you’ll feel your mood improve tenfold.

You’ll skin will look better

When you look good, you feel good. Beauty sleep is a real thing because your skin rejuvenates as you sleep, so getting plenty of shut eye doesn’t just make you feel much better it improves your appearance too. Dark circles and lackluster skin happens when you’re sleep deprived and resetting your circadian rhythm can reset that glowing complexion. You have to be happy about that!
Lumity Day and Night Supplements are specially formulated to work in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm delivering what the body needs when it needs it. So adding those three morning and three nighttime soft gel capsules to your regime will benefit your hair, skin, nails, mood and overall wellbeing too.

You’ll live longer

A long and happy life can be achieved by getting your body’s rhythm in order. This master clock doesn’t just regulate sleep it regulates body temperature, cardiac activity, blood pressure, hormone secretion, oxygen consumption and metabolic rate! Work with it and improve it and you’re setting yourself up for a longer more healthy existence.

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