The Science

Circadian Rhythm

Optimum health comes from balance and respecting the body's cycles. The body has two very different modes of functioning between day and night and, by understanding and tailoring supplementation to the very different needs of each cycle, we can reinforce the healthier functioning and efficiency of our bodies.

The numerous demands of modern life often lead to stress overload which nudges our circadian rhythm out of sync. Respecting and balancing the circadian rhythm with Lumity’s 24/7 targeted nutritional support helps to sustain health because the body thrives on regularity.

Healthy Beauty 24|7

The clever team of nutrients contained in Lumity's clinically-studied formula sustains optimum health, vitality and beauty all day, every day. Your body has two very different modes for day and night and as you get older, it is even more important to keep these in balance.

During the day, you are constantly in active mode and require strong defences. Your body is expected to function at optimum levels and provide efficient energy production, which is why Lumity’s morning softgels contain vitamins and minerals including magnesium.

Lumity’s night-time softgels were designed to aid the reparative properties of sleep. Featuring a combination of amino acids, the formulation works to support the body through the night.

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"My hair has changed noticeably. It has youthful vitality to it and is much thicker. My skin too feels more moist and my nails stronger too. Even though I have wrinkles I feel amazing."

Jessica via Via Trustpilot

"The oil isn’t greasy but is heavy so you only need ONE drop. I pat It into my skin ever night & when I wake up in the morning my skin looks fimer. My skin looks really healthy and glowy."

Jade via Via Trustpilot

"Delivery was easy to track with great communication. Have been using Lumity for a week now and am starting to notice positive effects."

Nikki via Via Trustpilot

"Wonderful product and very honest company reducing the price of their product when transferring product to eco friendly packaging."

Vanessa via Via Trustpilot

"I have been using this product since last November in the run up to my wedding in October and have been very happy with the results."

Anna via Via Trustpilot

"My little bottle of liquid gold arrived perfectly packaged as always! Thank you Lumity."

Gillian via Via Trustpilot
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The Results

  • 92% saw an improvement in their hair, skin & nails
  • 88% felt more alert
  • 84% felt improved energy
  • 76% noticed a significant improvement in skin hydration

Supplements Clinical Trial

A placebo-controlled, double-blind, two-cell clinical trial was conducted on 50 female subjects, aged 35-65, for 12 weeks. Subjects took either Lumity or a placebo twice daily. Subjects taking Lumity supplements registered significant improvements in skin condition over those taking the placebo, including improved skin hydration, radiance, firmness and overall appearance. Subjects taking Lumity also registered quality of life improvements, including a reduction in tiredness.

Health, beauty & vitality

Morning & Night Supplements

Experience improved vitality and balance with Lumity's 2-step wellness supplement. Enjoy the noticeable benefits of targeted 24|7 nutritional support, including healthy skin, stronger hair & nails, inner balance, increased energy levels and a new overall level of wellness.

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The Results

  • 97% saw an improvement in one or more skin characteristic
  • 73% noticed a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
  • 72% said the hydration and quality of their skin improved

Skin Nutrients Facial Oil Consumer Study

Over 100 women were invited to take part in an 8-week consumer study to test the benefits of Lumity Skin Nutrients Anti-Aging Facial oil.

Our volunteers were asked to apply Lumity Facial Oil at least once a day and respond to a survey at week 4 and week 8 to measure the efficacy of the product on key markers of skin condition, such as hydration, radiance, firmness, elasticity, overall appearance and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrate, balance & soothe

Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

Lumity's facial oil offers advanced skin hydration whilst balancing and soothing. This multi-tasking treat works with all skin types to balance, nurture and moisturise. Thanks to its formula of 32 of nature’s most potent botanicals, Lumity delivers the holistic care and support your skin craves.

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