The Story Behind Lumity


Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, Cambridge University graduate and Lumity creator, was moved to solve the age-old question: How can we grow older and wiser yet maintain the health, energy and radiance of our youth? Is it possible to blossom and thrive as we mature?

After years of research focused on ageing, fused with her own realistic vantage point as a working, single mother in her early forties, Sara formed a picture of ageing that was more than skin deep. Led by her understanding of the body as an infinitely intelligent network of interdependent processes, Sara began to formulate a supplement that would effectively sustain the healthy functioning of the whole body through the years.

The numerous demands of modern life often lead to stress overload. Nutritional choices suffer as we live on the go, and we survive on insufficient sleep as we work around the clock and care for others. Compounded by our reliance on caffeine or sugar, this lifestyle eventually catches up with us in the form of exhaustion and accelerated ageing. The right nutrition is vital to sustaining our health through the ups and downs of life.

Countless months were spent testing each formula to deliver the best product possible. The result is a unique 2-step carefully-calibrated team of high-quality nutrients that supplement our bodies inside and out. The unique formulae of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids is an easy commitment to integrate into our busy lives.

Over time, life with Lumity is more than just beautiful skin – it is a new inner radiance.

"My aim was to create a product that really works. By delivering the most effective nutritional supplementation to support optimum health, vitality and beauty, we can give ourselves the freedom to focus on the things we love."

Sara Palmer Hussey

Beauty you can feel

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