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Questions about Lumity


How long do I need to take LUMITY?

Lumity’s 2-step formula can be taken as part of your daily routine for as long as desired. Lumity is safe for long-term use and our customers have found that the longer they use Lumity, the more benefits they experience; earlier benefits are consolidated and improved upon with continued use. The rate at which benefits are noticed varies from customer to customer, but many start to notice benefits from the first week of use. Most of our customers have found that benefits accrue, with the full range becoming most noticeable in 2nd/3rd month of use.

How many capsules should I take?

We recommend that you take 3 mocha coloured capsules in the morning and 3 vanilla coloured capsules just before bedtime.

Why is it important when I take them?

The ingredients in the mocha capsules are specifically formulated to fire up the energy centers of your cells giving you a new level of vitality; they boost collagen and elastin formation in your skin, clear out toxins, repair oxidative damage and protect your DNA. Each cell, thus revitalised, is able to function efficiently again, as it did in youth, making you feel more vibrant and healthy and making you look younger and more radiant.

Release of the rejuvenating master hormone, HGH, peaks during the first phase of sleep. Therefore, in order to best stimulate and support the regenerating and repairing action of HGH, we recommend taking your 3 vanilla coloured capsules just before going to sleep at night. 
The bedtime dose of 3 vanilla coloured capsules reinforces the antioxidant and anti-glycation action of the morning capsules, as well as naturally stimulating the release of Human Growth Hormone, which rejuvenates your entire system while you sleep to give you better skin, better sleep, better immune resilience, stronger health and a youthful hormonal balance.

Is Lumity safe?

Yes, Lumity contains a carefully calibrated formula of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids with dosages well within recommended daily guidelines. All ingredients are sourced from natural, quality-assured raw materials.

Can I take this if I am taking other medications?

It is unlikely that Lumity will adversely interact with pharmaceuticals. However, even natural products can react with some prescription drugs. Therefore, it is very important that you consult your medical practitioner first before taking any dietary supplements if you are taking medication or are under medical supervision.

Can I take Lumity with other dietary supplements?

Yes, Lumity contains natural ingredients in doses that can be taken in combination with other vitamin and mineral supplements. It is safe to include Lumity as a regular part of your diet. However, you should always be aware of the total intake of supplements. 

Can I take Lumity while pregnant or nursing?

Pregnant or lactating women or people under medical supervision should not take any dietary supplements unless recommended by their doctor or healthcare professional.

Does Lumity have any side effects?

Lumity’s formula contains only the safest ingredients with no undesirable side effects. We specifically selected ingredients based on safety and efficacy.

Is Lumity addictive?

No. An addiction is a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance that is usually harmful to a person's health. An addiction is characterised by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Pursuant to such definitions, a supplement would not classically be deemed addictive because it is not harmful or habit-forming and typically one would not experience physiological withdrawal symptoms from the use of such products.

What if I stop taking it?

The benefits you have enjoyed on Lumity will not disappear overnight if you stop taking Lumity, but will reduce gradually. Our customers have found that the first positive benefits they experienced while taking Lumity, for example, an increase in energy levels and better sleep, are the first to diminish if they stop taking the capsules. This gradual reduction in the benefits you experienced with Lumity varies from customer to customer and depends on how long you consumed Lumity and, therefore, how many benefits were consolidated on a more long-lasting level.

Who can take Lumity?

Lumity can be taken by anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to maintain youthful beauty, health and vitality through the years. It is particularly beneficial to anyone who has started to notice the first signs of ageing. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of Lumity.

How absorbable is Lumity?

All the ingredients in our formula have been suspended in flaxseed oil for superior absorbability. Supplements in tablet form often present poor absorbability as they fail to disintegrate and can provoke gastrointestinal upset. However, softgel capsules like Lumity are the easiest to digest and, as the ingredients are already emulsified in oil, the nutrients are delivered easily and directly when and where needed. Thanks to this gentle, non-irritable, oil-based formula, Lumity does not have to be taken with food – it can be taken with or without food and will be equally absorbed. Furthermore, unlike many supplements in tablet or hard capsule form, our softgel capsules do not contain cellulose bulking or glazing agents.

Will I still need to moisturise my skin?

Lumity will significantly improve the tone and texture of your skin. Lumity protects and repairs the skin from the damage caused by glycation (a major cause of sagging skin and wrinkles), while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis to promote strong, supple, radiant skin. It also maintains youthful levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which helps the skin feel less dry and, therefore, less in need of moisturisation.

Is this product all natural?


Is this product gluten free?


Will Lumity cause weight gain?

Absolutely not! Many of our customers have found that the energy-lifting properties of Lumity, along with a healthier metabolism and more balanced blood-sugar levels, have facilitated healthier dietary choices, higher levels of exercise and, thus, greater fitness and easier weight management.

Why is Lumity so much better than other anti-ageing supplements?

Lumity is the only supplement on the market to address all 9 causes of ageing. Most other supplements offer a mix of antioxidants to tackle ageing. However, oxidative damage is just one of 9 processes that are ongoing and interdependent in the body. This means that no real, lasting results can be enjoyed if 8 out of the 9 processes of ageing are not being addressed and are free to drag down any benefits provided by antioxidants. Lumity offers the most effective nutritional support on the market to help your body delay and reverse the onset of ageing in the body, so that you can continue to feel and look your best age ever for years to come.

What do I do if I have missed a dose?

Don't worry about missing a dose or two; just continue taking the recommended dose without doubling up. In order to enjoy all the benefits Lumity offers, it is important to take Lumity as recommended in a continuative manner, so we suggest that you try to make your two daily doses a part of your routine somehow to avoid missing a dose. Many of our customers keep their Lumity on their bedside table so that they remember to take Lumity last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Where should I keep my Lumity?

Wherever you decide to keep your Lumity capsules so that you remember to take them twice a day, please also remember to keep them in a dry, cool (below 25°C) place, away from children.

Are there any stimulants in Lumity?

Lumity does NOT contain any stimulants.

Stimulants, such as caffeine, inhibit the action of the neurotransmitter adenosine, which slows down nerve activity and promotes sleep. Caffeine can bind to adenosine receptors in the brain preventing entry to adenosine and thus, instead of slowing down, there is an increase in the firing of neurons in the brain. The pituitary gland registers this increased activity as an emergency and signals to the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline. This domino effect can be experienced as a surge of mental and physical energy. However, it is usually short-lived and when the stimulant wears off, adenosine floods back into cells creating the caffeine “crash” felt as sleepiness and exhaustion.

In contrast to this artificial boost created by stimulants, which can overtax the adrenal glands, Lumity naturally supports the body’s energy cycle, by facilitating the continuous delivery of fuel into cells and efficient energy production within the mitochondria. It promotes balance- regenerated and stable energy levels, rather than the high and low swings created by stimulants.

Why does Lumity have only a little Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient readily available in most fruits and vegetables. As we seek to encourage our customers to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, this is not a vitamin that should ever be in short supply to your body. By integrating lots of good sources of vitamin C, such as varied fruits and vegetables into your diet, you will also be supplying your body with live phytonutrients and enzymes, as well as fibre. This cannot be substituted by a supplement.

We have included vitamin C in Lumity to support the production of collagen in the skin. Nonetheless, in order to boost antioxidant action, we favoured L-Cysteine, rather than a one-shot action against free radicals. L-Cysteine together with Selenium actively replenishes the body’s glutathione system. Glutathione is the body’s own antioxidant army, which neutralises free radicals in a continuative cycle. As L-Cysteine is not always readily available in our daily diets, its inclusion in our formula gives a tangible boost to your body’s antioxidant potential and immune resilience.

My nails are much stronger since I began taking Lumity. Is there something in Lumity that is helping my nails?

Lumity contains flaxseed oil, amino acids, iodine, selenium, vitamin A and zinc, which all contribute to maintaining healthy, strong and elastic skin, hair and nails.

Some of my friends who are taking Lumity are experiencing different benefits to those that I am experiencing. Why is that?

Your body is unique and its level of health and vitality is based on a set of personal circumstances. If you give your body a targeted nutritional boost in the form of Lumity, your body has the organisational intelligence to utilise the vital nutrients in Lumity according to its own unique priorities. Depending on your current state of health, you may notice certain benefits more quickly and more significantly than others, which may accrue more slowly for you. However, the longer you take Lumity, the more your body is able to consolidate the benefits you noticed first and bring forth further benefits in time.

Take a look at our testimonials to see the personal life improvements our customers have been experiencing with Lumity and the full range of benefits you too can experience with continued use.

What should I do if I find a leaking capsule in my bottle?

Sometimes due to movement during transport and storage, one of the softgels may burst or leak. Rest assured that your Lumity softgels are still completely safe and if you remove the broken one, you can continue to take the others softgels as usual.  However if you would like a replacement box, we would be happy to send one in exchange for a photo of the bottles containing the broken softgel. Alternatively, you do have the right to a full refund, and if you prefer this, please return the bottles, including the broken capsule to the address below

-Please include a copy of your receipt (or a note with your order #, name, email address, phone number) and your reason for returning the product(s).

-Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (if applicable).

The address to send your package and note is
Lumity Life Holdings Ltd
C/O Westex
7 St. Andrew's Way, 
London E3 3PA

If you have any questions, please call us at  or email us at help.uk@lumitylife.com.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to email us at help.uk@lumitylife.com.

Payments - accepted credit and debit cards.

We accept all debit and credit cards when you are purchasing Lumity as a one off purchase. You also have the choice of using Paypal express checkout to avoid having to input your credit card details during the Lumity checkout. 

If you choose to purchase an auto replenishment of Lumity we accept Visa, Mastercard and JCB cards. Any American Express cardholders can use their card to complete a one off purchase.

If you choose to pay by Paypal please enter any discount code you may have in the discount code box on the right hand side of the checkout page. Once the discount is applied you should then select Paypal Checkout. You will be redirected to Paypal to login. Once logged into Paypal you will accept the order and be returned to the Lumity checkout pages to confirm your mobile phone number. Our logistic partners use your mobile phone to assist with arranging convenient delivery times with you. You then need to complete the Lumity checkout by confirming your shipping address.

Shipping, returns and exchanges


Where can I track my order?

You can either click on the tracking link in the shipping notification email we sent you, or you can create an account on LumityLife.com using the email associated with your order and you will be able to see all the orders placed using your email. Then just click on the order and you will see the tracking number. For UK deliveries you can visit also www.DPD.co.uk/deliverysearch and enter your tracking ID. For non UK EU deliveries the courier is UPS. UPS will send you an email which will include a tracking ID when the product leaves the UK.

Delivery Times

In the UK we provide a next day service if your order is placed before midday. Afternoon orders will be despatched the following working day. We use a third party logistics company who will contact you by SMS or email to advise a hour window in which they will deliver Lumity. You can rearrange your delivery time by responding to the SMS or email. For this reason it is important you provide in your order a working mobile number. 

For EU deliveries it can take between 3 to 7 working days for your product to be delivered. 

For non EU deliveries it can take up to 7 to 14 working days for your product to be delivered and this may be impacted by any local customs procedures.

Can I cancel my order?

If you have placed a one-time order, you may be able to cancel your order the same day provided the order hasn’t already shipped. Orders typically ship the same day they are placed and once they ship we can’t cancel the order. You can send the product back to us when you receive it for a refund less shipping costs.

If you are on our auto replenishment program, you can simply login to your Lumity account and click on the DELIVERY SCHEDULE option to change future shipment dates or cancel upcoming orders.

I received damaged product, what is your return policy?

We stand by the quality of our products and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason, feel free to return the product for a full refund of the price of the product.  All we ask is that you follow a few reasonable guidelines:

  • Products must be returned within 30 days of despatch confirmation date.
  • Please include a copy of your receipt (or a note with your order #, name, email address, phone number) and your reason for returning the product(s).
  • Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (if applicable).

All returns should be mailed to:

Lumity Life Holdings Ltd

C/O Westex

7 St. Andrew's Way, 


London E3 3PA


If you have any questions, please call us at  or email us at help.uk@lumitylife.com.

I returned my order, where is my refund?

It usually takes between 5-7 days for refunds to process once we receive your return. If you sent us your return more than 14 days ago please give us a call at 0800 652 8678 or email us at help.uk@lumitylife.com.

Failed transaction but my credit card has been charged?

Some banks may place an authorisation on customer's credit cards even if the transaction with Lumity Life does not complete due to background checks not succeeding (e.g. zip code check, street address check or CVV check). An amount paid to Lumity Life may appear on your credit card statement even though the transaction never completed during the checkout process. The charge may last for up to seven days before your bank removes it. If after a failed checkout you see that an amount has been charged to your credit card then immediately contact your bank to investigate the matter further and ask for them to reverse the authorisation they have placed over your card.

Where do I ship returns?

All we ask is that you follow a few reasonable guidelines:

  • Products must be returned within 30 days of order date unless the Product shows clear signs of damage on arrival. If there is clear damage to the product please send a Photo to help.uk@lumitylife.com and we shall organise a replacement to be sent to your address.
  • Please include a copy of your receipt (or a note with your order #, name, email address, phone number) and your reason for returning the product(s).
  • Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable (if applicable).

All returns should be mailed to:

Lumity Life

C/O Westex

7 St. Andrew's Way, 


London E3 3PA


If you have any questions, please call us at 0800 652 8678 or email us at help.uk@lumitylife.com.

Auto-Replenishment Service


What is auto-replenishment?

When you sign-up for our auto-replenish program, we will automatically send you Lumity once every 4 weeks to ensure you won’t run out. You can manage your subscription easily within your account page.

How do I create a subscription for Auto-replenishment?

Simple. Click on any of the “Buy Now” buttons on our site and select the “Auto-Replenish” option.

What will happen after I join Auto-replenishment?

We will ship you your first 4 weeks of Lumity and will automatically ship you your next supply every 4 weeks thereafter.

How do I make changes to my auto-replenishment deliveries (e.g., change, skip or cancel orders)?

Just log in to your Lumity account and click on either the “Delivery Schedule,” or the “Subscriptions” link under your name on the left hand side of the page. If you have yet to setup a Lumity Account, just go to LumityLife.com and create an account using the email you used when you purchased your first 4 month supply of Lumity.

Under the “Subscriptions” section of our site, you will be able to see all pending order, change ship dates, skip orders and even cancel your subscription, all without having to email or call someone.

How do I make changes to my auto-replenishment account information?

Simple. Just log in to your Lumity account (if you have one) and click on the “Subscriptions” link under your name on the left hand side of the page. If you have yet to setup a Lumity Account, just go to Lumitylife.com and create an account using the email you used for the when you purchased your first 4 month supply of Lumity.

Once you are logged into your account you will be able to edit your account information.

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