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Real Customers, Real Reviews

Our products empower our customers to look and feel their absolute best, every day. Meet our wonderful community of people who swear by Lumity to help take care of their mind and body. Read what our customers have to say…

"I know that I'm getting all the oils and the vitamins that women need. It's a great one stop shop”

Savannah Miller

Fashion Designer

I've seen that lots of celebs take them so I wanted to give them a try.

The main thing I’ve noticed is that I’m sleeping so much better, and because I’m sleeping better, I’ve got so much more energy. My skin is extra glowy and hydrated which I love

Sarah Corbett-Winder

Stylist & Personal Shopper

"I love the smell and hydration level of the body oil, I use it everyday"

Cher Coulter

Celebrity Stylist & Body Oil customer

"Morning & Night has been revolutionary to my physical and mental well-being. Since taking them consistently they’ve given me deep, replenishing sleep, and also a notable feeling of hormonal balance."

Kate Brindley

Morning & Night customer

"This new evolution of Morning & Night is really exciting for women and, as ever, Lumity are leading the wellness industry with a great quality all-in-one supplement"

Dr. Shahzadi Harper

Menopause Doctor and Morning & Night customer

"Since taking Lumity, I have found that I sleep better, my skin feels great and overall I feel healthier”

Zoë de Pass

Influencer and Morning & Night customer

"I’m actually starting to think I’m not peri-menopausal anymore, I feel the best that I’ve felt in a couple of years. I’m going into my fourth month of Morning & Night now, and I cannot see myself moving forward in my life without them"

Karen Williams

Celebrity Stylist

"Lumity supports the body, and has become an integral step in my beauty and wellness routine"

Helena Christensen

Supermodel and Morning & Night customer 

"I can’t tell you how many people have told me I’m glowing since I’ve started using Lumity. And I can see it myself too. My skin and eyes are brighter, my energy levels higher and my body feels healthier."

Pandora Paloma

Quantum Transformation Coach and Morning & Night customer

"What I love is Morning & Night has all the vitamins you need. I really recommend them, they've been really good so far"

Ingrid Wilkinson

Influencer and Morning & Night customer

"Since starting on Morning & Night, I’m feeling more energetic during the day, and feel stronger whilst completing my daily workout too!"

Michelle Lin


“The thing I’m most thrilled about is my skin! It is just plumper and healthier, and my energy levels and sleep are only getting better”

Ashley Wilson

Influencer and Morning & Night customer

"The body oil has a lovely light feel on the skin, but is also very long lasting"

Fiona Golfar

Contributing Editor and Morning & Night customer

After 4 weeks of trying Morning & Night and feeling the benefits, it’s one part of my routine that I won’t be dropping as life gets busier

Emma Rose Thatcher

Online Personal Stylist

"I’m converted to the supplement life. I’ve seen such a difference. Where I constantly had this sluggish, run-down feeling (that I had just put down to being a mum), Morning & Night has really helped with that. I would really recommend it"

Adjoa Odetayo

Buyer & Influencer


Mija Knezevic, Founder & Entrepreneur
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement
India Cardona, Creator & Curator
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement
Thandi Maqubela, Legal Director
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement
WeAreTwinset, Bloggers
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement
Pia Grace, Blogger
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement
Pascale Banks, Digital Creator
Morning & Night Female Supplement Morning & Night Female Supplement


"Not all pills are created equal, but when it comes to this one, I'm sold."

Cosmopolitan logo

"Forget layer upon layer of serums, the secret to healthy, radiant skin isn’t so much about what you put on your skin, as it is what you put into it"

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"If you struggle with your sleep, energy, focus or mood, or just feel like your body could do with a helping hand, Lumity ticks all the boxes."