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7th MAY 2024

Ask the Expert: Monique Eastwood

With an inspiring community of industry experts, each at the forefront of their field, our #LumityCollective is growing!

Today, we’re welcoming Monique Eastwood - founder of the Eastwood Movement Method, who, joins us as Lumity’s resident Women’s Health, Fitness & Movement Expert. With a background in professional dance – and an all-star list of loyal clients such as Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci (to name just a few!) – Monique has established herself as a fitness-force, combining bespoke fitness training and a holistic approach to health and longevity. Her high intensity method focuses on technique and alignment, employing her ballet, theatre and pilates training to help clients look and feel their best, whether they're preparing for an action film, navigating menopausal changes or prepping for a red-carpet awards.

We asked Monique about the products she can’t live without, what grounds her amidst a chaotic work schedule, and her advice on looking and feeling your best - exclusively for the #LumityCollective.

Can you share with our collective the story behind your bespoke Eastwood Movement Method?

My Eastwood Movement Method was derived from many different disciples. It is a combination of my background in dance, Pilates, and strength training. It’s to move in multidirectional ways in order to stimulate and activate more muscles and build a deeper awareness and strength within the body. 

It’s tough to begin with as it requires the brain and the body to work simultaneously, but, like anything, with consistency and commitment, you will get there. It’s also a great reinforcer that challenging the body and mind constantly is fantastic for us, especially as we age.  

What was the driving force that made you want to focus on health and movement in midlife?

Personally for me, I think watching the older population and seeing my clients start to experience various issues, as well as losing strength and control of their bodies in daily life tasks due to ageing was a big motivator.

I feel very committed to helping keep all of my clients fit and strong throughout the ageing process. I really want to empower everyone to stay strong as we go through all stages of our lives by doing everyday functional movement. 

Your work reaches across a variety of industries in high-profile settings. What is the common thread you see that your clients prioritise when it comes to their health goals and results?

My clients, whether it’s in my private sessions of via my Eastwood Fit app, often want to prioritise strength in their pelvic and core muscles, better muscular endurance, body awareness specifically in relation to their posture, and confidence within their muscular skeletal system. I find these priorities really help focus their minds for the challenges they face each day. 

With an international client base and hectic schedule, what helps you maintain grounding or balance no matter what?

Despite my sometimes exhausting schedule, I will always prioritise my sleep, nutrition, supplements and exercise. I find that when one of these is not quite balanced, it can have an effect on my day or even my whole week. I know at my age and with changing hormone levels, it is as important as ever to be disciplined with my lifestyle as my work life demands I look after myself. 

What have you learned about health and supplementation since embarking on your journey with Lumity?

I think my main learning has been that even with good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, you still may not be absorbing enough of the correct minerals and vitamins, and this is where the supplements provide that extra support. Since using Lumity I have notices small but very important benefits; my hair and nails are stronger, my nervous system is more balanced and my sleep is much less erratic. 

"I feel very committed to helping keep all of my clients fit and strong throughout the ageing process. I really want to empower everyone to stay strong as we go through all stages of our lives by doing everyday functional movement."

What are your daily health and wellness practices or essentials?

As soon as I wake up, I like to have a shower and nourish my skin with the Lumity oil before applying moisturiser to my whole body. I like doing this as I feel it slows me down before my hectic day begins. I then like to have a light, protein rich breakfast with a coffee, before taking my supplements. Then, once all of that is done and I have taken a few minutes to warm my body up with some of my movement patterns, my day can begin. 

No matter how busy the day, I always make time for a nutritious, protein-based lunch. I like to end my day with a walk or stretch/ yoga session, before having a bath to relax my body and taking my Lumity Night before bed. 

With Women’s Health week on its way, what first steps would you suggest someone take towards improving their fitness/adjustments to take at midlife?

I get asked this questions often, and to be honest, it depends on the person and what level of health and fitness they are. However, it is always important to point out that there is no quick fix. It is a gradual journey of body awareness and consistency within your lifestyle that will bring positive results. 

If I were to make a more general suggestion, I would say to make small changes that you can stick to. Maybe that means starting with adjusting your nutrition and adding more movement into your days, even if it is a power walk home from work. It is important to find a form of exercise or movement that you know you will commit to. Be patient with yourself, as building strength and endurance takes time and creating new healthier habits needs consistency so they become your new daily habits.

Monique Eastwood's fitness expertise has been featured in Tatler, Sheerluxe, and Women's Health. See her wellness journey with Morning & Night in her testimonial here.

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