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How Successful Athletes & Entrepreneurs Improve Their Focus & Concentration

Athletes and entrepreneurs are at the top of their game, and whether they’re an F1 driver, or running a Silicon Valley tech company, they’re fully aware that they’re often only going to be the best they can be if their body is in optimal condition. 

You wouldn’t expect an F1 driver to turn up at a race in an old tractor that hasn’t been serviced recently, and you wouldn’t expect them to run their Formula One racing cars on low quality tractor fuel. Instead, they use the best race car available to them and they have a team of top-flight mechanics fine-tuning the engine, wheels and tyres as well as ensuring the car has the highest quality fuel available. 

The point being, it takes more than just showing up to win the race. It takes an entire team. 

The same goes for our bodies. The body works best when it’s given a steady stream of the highest-quality nutrients, plus plenty of sleep and exercise - along with the right diet. 

Brain health is no exception, and high-performing athletes and entrepreneurs improve their focus and concentration by fine-tuning their bodies using a variety of the best nutritional supplements, high quality diets and plenty of exercise, and by aiming for 7 hours of the right balance of REM and deep sleep per night. 

Why Focus & Concentration Is Important For Athletes

We spoke to Andrew Irwin, Honda Superbike Racer about how he keeps his focus and concentration in prime condition during the professional superbike racing season. 

He says: ‘Nutrition is as extremely important as the quality of the fuel we put in the bikes If you don’t look after the engine, you’re not going to perform as well. I take Lumity Morning and Night Male Supplements. I try to get a balance of good sleep, great food with lots of lean protein and vegetables, as well as exercise. 

‘I do over 100 miles of cycling a week. That’s 12 hours a week. I go to a personal trainer three days a week, doing strengthening and conditioning. If I put on even a few kilos on it slows me down when I’m racing. The goal is to be as strong and light as possible when you’re on a superbike.’ 

Why Focus & Concentration Is Important For Entrepreneurs

If you can’t focus or concentrate, you’re never going to make the numbers on that balance sheet sing, you won’t win over new investors with a sharp new business plan that lays out the profit projections and factors in hidden costs for the next five years. It is possible to have that Eureka moment in the bath, so remember relaxing is just as important for your focus and concentration levels as sitting staring at your laptop for hours at a time. 

How Successful Entrepreneurs Improve Their Focus and Concentration

You may have read about using supplements to bio-hack your brain, but scientists say there’s not much scientific merit to that. Instead focus on quality sleep, with naps built into your day if you can’t sleep the recommended eight hours at night. Try starting your day with a cardio workout, even a thirty-minute static bike ride or treadmill session at the gym will change your focus levels for the day ahead thanks to a lovely boost of feel good endorphins. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and take regular breaks from your screen – fresh air and walks are key to keeping those brain cells firing. 

Easy Ways To Improve Your Focus & Concentration Levels

Take supplements like Lumity’s Morning and Night duo to maintain good brain health.

Andrew Irwin, Honda Superbike racer says: ‘A colleague suggested they might help my jetlag. They really made a huge difference, within a few short weeks. I’ve been taking Lumity life supplements since January 2019. I wouldn’t be without them now. They’re part of the daily routine. I have noticed comprehensive benefits for overall wellness. I feel sharp with more energy. My hair is growing so fast I must get it cut every two weeks. My immunity has improved, with no more colds when I’m training outside in the rain. I sleep better but I feel energetic upon waking.’

There you have it! If it works for a top superbike racer, then it will work for you! 


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