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REVEALED: Our Favourite Blogs For Men In 2021

Looking for the best blogs for men in 2021? Look no further! To accompany our Mens Supplements range, we've put together this list of our favourite blogs tailored towards the modern man.

We know a good blogger or influencer when we see one, so choosing our final favourites took a lot of time (and debating!).

This ultimate shortlist features bloggers from across the globe who post about men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, grooming, mindfulness and much more!

Feel free to give us a shout on Twitter if you think there's one we must check out.

Website:    Instagram: @thegentwithin

The Gentleman Within shares inspiration for men's fashion and lifestyle whilst documenting the journey of life as a man. The blog is about more than style and fashion, it's about self-awareness and living life extraordinarily. Helping readers discover and develop their own personal style.

Website:   Instagram: @dapperprofessional

Ben Rascoe runs Dapper Professional and shares inspiring, high-quality fashion choices that are bold enough to capture attention, yet subtle enough to wear within a work environment. Based in Chicago, not only does the fashion speak to you, so do the amazing backgrounds.

Website:    Instagram: @bald_gent

A blog which aims to be the voice for all the men out there that may be going through or have gone through hair loss. Encouraging readers to embrace life and live it to the full. This blog covers fashion, grooming and lifestyle. Started in 2017, it has inspired men to become sophisticated and evolve into the gentlemen they wish to be.

Website:      Instagram: @dandyinthebronx

Diego started Dandy In The Bronx after being born and raised in the Bronx. After meeting musician Nathaniel Adams, he was inspired to start Dandy In The Bronx to allow him to pursue his passion in fashion full-time. At its core, Dandy In The Bronx brings the best of the Bronx to the rest of the world.

Website:    Instagram: @modernfellows

Modern Fellows is dedicated to getting to know entrepreneurs and innovative brands who are helping men dress sharp and live well in the digital age. Jake started Modern Fellows after attempting to develop a professional wardrobe and a sense of style on a budget.

Website:  Instagram: @charlieirons

Man About Town aims at reaching the everyday guy by covering everything from grooming tips and how-to's to what to wear and where to eat. Charlie is a typical guy who is navigating the world of grooming and fashion and sharing the life lessons he learns along the way.

Website:     Instagram: @men_n_more 

The first Indian Men's Lifestyle Blog that talks about real men and their real needs. Covering topics including personal styling, fitness, grooming, etiquette and relationship advice. Kavesh sees his blog as a place where men can come hang out and be the best versions of themselves.

Website:     Instagram: @40overfashion

40 Over Fashion is a men's lifestyle blog catering to grown-up men of all ages. Offering style inspiration, product reviews, ideas and lifestyle tips for guys who believe first impressions are important. John is a Seattle native and started 40 Over Fashion after losing weight and finding nothing fit him any more. Struggling to find clothes which were aimed at guys his age, he felt inspired to share his journey.

Website:     Instagram: @blakescott

Blake Scott is a menswear and lifestyle blogger in Los Angeles who aims to stand out from his peers whilst influencing his readers from around the globe to look and feel amazing.

Website:   Instagram: @hawkinsandshepherd

Carl Thompson shares with his audience a wide range of topics including style, grooming, travel and fitness. Starting his blog Men's Style Blog in 2014, as an aim to document his personal style. Over the years, his blog has transformed into an encyclopedia of everything to help the modern man. 

Website:   Instagram: @theeverydayman

The Everyday Man was launched back in 2012 and is an online magazine site offering a curated mix of all things fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Focusing on all aspects of men's interests and lifestyles including music, grooming and cars. With honest product reviews and the latest launches, it's the perfect stop for the everyday man. 

Website:   Instagram: @mrlukechristian

Luke Christian runs a male grooming and travel website. He writes honest reviews about products and destinations covering a range of topics including men's skincare and travelling solo. Luke Christian gives you an honest account of daily life.

Website:   Instagram: @offthecuffldn

Created in 2015 by Andy and Simon, Off The Cuff Ldn is a blog that brings together British heritage and modern minimalism whilst embracing the style of the modern man. They share everything there is to know about the best, premium fashion and lifestyle brands, like Lumity, that any male looking to be that little bit more ‘London’ will love.

Website:  Instagram: @thecoolector

Are you looking for the next cool thing that you need for grooming, tech, fashion and more? As their name suggests, The Coolector has got you covered! Their blog is the go-to place for any man wanting to find out what’s hot from both large and small brands.

Website:  Instagram: @freshandfearless

Started by Aftab at just 19, the Fresh And Fearless blog was created out of a desire to document his journey of moving to London. It took off from there and quickly became one of the most popular UK luxury travel blogs. Of course, there is a dash of fashion and grooming tips thrown in there, bringing together Aftab’s love of travel and luxury lifestyle.

Website:  Instagram: @pablohp31

Pablo, the creator of this blog, is a lover of trainers first and foremost but is passionate about sharing skincare, food and lifestyle tips and tricks that you need to know about. All of the things that the modern man needs in 2021! Why not read Pablo’s review of Lumity?

Website:  Instagram: @youraverageguystyle

Adam York’s blog, Your Average Guy, brings together everything you need to know about curating your own fashion style as a man. The articles cover every aspect, from clothing to watches. Rather than focus on eclectic pieces, Your Average Guy recommends fashion pieces that are modern yet wearable.

Website:  Instagram: @remiakande

Created by Remi Akande, The Style Lawyer blog follows his lifestyle as a young, fashion-forward guy based in Manchester. Taking much inspiration from his own experiences, Remi shares articles on fashion and style primarily. However, there is a hint of fitness, food, travel and other lifestyle recommendations for good measure.

Website:  Instagram: @mat_buckets

Bucket & Spades is a fashion, design and lifestyle blog run by Matthew Spade. This “visual diary” encapsulates the aesthetic of a contemporary, creative man in the UK. With high-quality photography and heaps of Mat’s style, you’re sure to find something you will love on Bucket & Spades.

Website:  Instagram: @thevisionist

The Visionist blog by Anson Low, incorporates many aspects of his life into one place, providing great inspiration. Anson shares his thoughts on luxury menswear style, travel destinations, interior design and more. It is well worth a read to discover the latest trends and Anson’s great recommendations.

Website:  Instagram: @lkrss1

London based blog, The Fashion Samaritan, explores the worlds of fashion, music and inspirations of Luke Ross. It is a “hub” where, you too, can discover something you may not have known about before and take your own inspiration from to curate your lifestyle.

Website:  Instagram: @highstreetgent

Honesty, realness and a keen interest in men’s lifestyle products and experiences make High Street Gent a great blog for any man looking for some inspiration. There’s a fantastic array of articles to take a read of, on everything from healthy living, like Dan’s review of our immune support supplements, to grooming and confidence tips.

Website:  Instagram: @joshwastjames

Creator of this blog, Joshwa Saint James hails from a creative background and has a keen eye for menswear fashion and styling. Here, he shares his thoughts on the latest fashion trends, as well as skincare, grooming and product recommendations. We love that Joshwa is conscious of his environmental impact and looks towards fairtrade, sustainable, and vegan options.

Website:  Instagram: @menswearstyle

MenswearStyle was first launched in 2012 and quickly became known as the go-to online magazine for all you need to know about men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle. This magazine has since picked up numerous awards and collaborated with many large and upcoming brands. One of our favourite aspects of this blog is the Street Gallery, taking fashion inspiration from the average male out on the UK streets.

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