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29 FEBRUARY 2024

Ask the Expert: Lindsey Ormond

At Lumity, we’re fortunate to work with a collective of experts, each at the forefront of their field, who help ensure that our products contain the highest quality of ingredients, deliver tangible results and are easy to understand.

Welcome to our ‘Ask the Expert’ series - this week, we’re excited to introduce our Chief Nutritionist, Lindsey Ormond. Our first profiling piece, Lindsey’s status as an innovator in the field of nutrition and hearing some of her best-kept wellness tips.

As a mum of two young boys & a registered nutritionist with nearly 20 years of experience, Lindsey uses her specialist knowledge to design the most efficacious & innovative nutritional supplements & skincare possible. Having worked in various settings, including ultra-endurance adventure racing, supporting adolescent rowers, special care schools and elderly homes - Lindsey is hugely passionate about using her knowledge and science-backed research to help others optimise their wellbeing, performance and health.

What was the driving force that made you want to work in nutrition?

The importance of eating well and exercising was subtly instilled in me from a young age, which sparked my love and curiosity for the impact what you eat and how you move your body can have on overall health and wellbeing. My mum was a home economics teacher, amazing chef, and general domestic goddess, so we always had delicious, healthy, home cooked meals. She also educated us on how to make good diet choices and get key nutrients like fibre, protein and complex carbs into our diets. Meanwhile, my dad took us walking in the Scottish Highlands and had us in sports clubs from a young age, so the importance of fueling up and refueling afterwards was put into practice.  

What’s most exciting about working in women’s health and supplementation right now?

Two aspects are really exciting – firstly, women are gaining more appreciation for the role their diet plays in overall health and wellbeing, both in the short and long term. With this, they want to learn more about what simple changes they can make and start nourishing their bodies better. 

Secondly, there’s more funding going into nutrition research in women. Historically, women have been underrepresented research with most nutrition research having been carried out in males, but this is starting to change. 

What is the current focus in your work? What does this look like in your day-to-day life?

My work with Lumity focuses on bringing together science and consumer needs to create new formulations or improve current formulations for improved health and wellbeing. This includes reading scientific literature, collaborating with ingredients suppliers and supplement manufacturers to understand how to make the product, reviewing health claims and regulatory documents. I also work closely with the brand team on consumer education and how we can expand the benefits the brand can bring to the consumer.

What have you learned while working alongside Lumity?

1. That the Lumity team are one of the most passionate and professional I’ve ever worked with.

2. The area of longevity and focus for consumers on maxisiming their health span is continuing to grow.

3. That women in their 40s and 50s could be nourishing their bodies better and the general population has several nutritional short falls on micronutrients that can affect their daily functioning.

4. Having two supplements targeting different times of the day make sense to support your body’s own rhythm and optimising your performance, whether for work, exercise or the daily demands of a busy life.

What do you wish consumers are thinking about when looking at an ingredients list?

Look for products that include bioavailable forms of ingredients. Mega doses of vitamins and minerals can be counterproductive, and eveninteract with absorption of each other, so for products that are going to be taken daily, I suggest looking for ones that provide sufficient amounts without being mega doses (like 1000s % the RDA). These products can work short term, such as for when ill, but I prefer to avoid them for every day.

Look for products that are tailored more towards the benefits you seek and the stage you’re at in life, as it’s more likely to provide some of the key nutrients that may be of concern.

What are you most proud of in your work?

Helping develop and create solutions that make it easy for consumers to improve their health and wellbeing, such as the upcoming new formulas for women’s Morning and Night. 

What does wellness mean to you?

Balance and commit to your “non-negotiables”. These are the aspects that you know have the biggest impact on your own health and wellbeing, that if you let one or more of them slide, it impacts how you feel and function. Establish your top 3-5, commit to them in your daily routine, and make it easy. For me, I focus on nourishing my body (including optimising with supplements), moving my body every day, being present with my family, getting quality rest and diving into my work. 


What are your daily practices or essentials?

  • Don’t expect much from me until I’ve had my cup of tea in the morning. 
  • At least 20-30mins exercise that gets my heart rate up (this can include a walk on rest days).
  • I supplement daily with Lumity Female Morning and Night, as well as a protein powder. 
  • Reading at bedtime helps my brain switch off from the day. 
  • I use Lumity’s facial oil in the morning for a fresh glow. 

What is currently trending that you like, or think is worth investing in?

Health span is the main trend for me right now, and I don’t see it going away. From lifestyles, to exercise, diet to biohacking, the focus on living well into our advancing years is growing, and rightly so. 


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