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Christine Bullock: One of LA’s top fitness guru’s BEST tips for total body wellness


Christine Bullock is one of America’s top wellness gurus, and her approach is different to many others in that she pairs beauty with fitness when it comes to mentoring her lifestyle clients.

The Los Angeles-based nutritionist, top fitness model, founder of Kayo Better Body Care was recently voted the hottest trainer in LA. Christine sat down to talk to Lumity about her loves, inspirations as well as giving us her best tips for wellness.


Hi Christine, first of all we LOVE how you pair beauty and fitness as most people see them as separate things. Why’s it so important to you to combine them and what inspired you to do that?

My interest and mission has always been total body wellness. I’ve worked a double life in both fields for almost 20 years (shhhh) working with CEO’s of top skincare brands, plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, natural doctors around the world and all the top trainers around LA. From all this time spent with experts, I’ve learned complete health doesn’t stop with one workout, one diet or one piece of skincare, it’s really about all of your daily habits including how you move your body, how you feed your body and what you place on your body. They all interact with your total wellness. The main goal for myself and everyone around me is to feel their best and when you are at optimal performance you will look your best as a side benefit.

You help so many women look and feel beautiful. What’s the best thing that any of them (or as a whole) have taught you?

It’s a very rewarding job supporting people’s happiness and health. My mother always had a passion for fitness and beauty as well, but she taught me the key to true youth is forgiveness and internal peace. We can try to bandaid internal stressors with workouts and makeup but the key to health is a healthy mind and spirit first.

If someone is feeling as though they have reached a fitness plateau what would you advise them to do? Is there a 3 day mini detox you would put them on?

If someone is hitting a fitness plateau, it means they need to switch up their workouts. I alternate between Pilates, yoga, HIIT, dance, rebounding, heavy weights, light weights and resistance training weekly. I never get bored and never plateau. Kickstart your body into a new challenge rather than grinding it into the ground doing the same thing over and over. I do have a quick and easy detox I go on every few weeks. We are actually doing this at my upcoming Glow Head-to-Toe Retreat It includes a few of my elixirs I’ve learned from eastern medicine that kill candida, bloat, brain fog, reduces toxins and metals from the body and builds beauty, plus a simple clean and delicious diet.

What about beauty? Do you agree that we are all trending towards ageless beauty where we look and feel better as we get older than we did when we were younger?

I do feel like the people “in the know” keep looking younger and younger.

Science continues to improve and we have better information than we did years ago, or at least we are learning from ancient wisdom and actually using it. The world is also such a stressful place, people are having to take more moments to prioritize their health, where just a decade ago we didn’t think about it as much.

What are your own personal wellness rules? And what about beauty rules?

1 Drink lots of clean water. I prefer Mountain Valley.
2 Eat a wholesome plant-based diet and not stress about nibbling on bad stuff once and awhile.
3 Meditate each morning and be thankful for my day before bed.
4 Apply clean effective skincare all over my body day and night.
5 Move my body by doing something I enjoy and that makes my body feel youthful on a daily basis.

What are your favourite fitness and beauty products?

I am amazed with the Lumity dietary supplements. I’ve tried everything on the market and they made such a radical difference very quickly in my hair, skin and nails. Even my eyelashes grew twice as long. I love Kayo Body Care. I created it out of a personal need. I noticed the skin all over my body changing, even when having the best nutritional and fitness programs. I teamed up with my partner, whose family has developed skincare brands for over 20 years to formulate Kayo. It works, ’nuff said.

For fitness, I love a little bit of everything but I think everyone should have a great private Pilates instructor. The classical form of Pilates prevents injury, balances the posture and creates a lean physique. I also incorporate rebounding with my JumpSport trampoline a few times a week because it is so good at burning calories, increasing lymphatic drainage and toning muscle.

What makes you smile?

My daughter Remi Rain and my husband. Everyday. I’m also excited about creating and launching new products – all of my projects are like my babies.

What’s the best advice you have ever had?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from the best and make it better.

Which woman inspires you? 

In business, I love following Jessica Alba’s career with The Honest Company. She found a need for her home that wasn’t available in the market and filled it. Then continued to connect with the right people to help her build her dream.

What are your five must-haves?

My daughter Remi Rain and my hubby.
A Kindle – I read every night to fall asleep and can’t be without it. I just love to read any time I can.
Kayo’s Body Beautiful Crème – It’s a product I can apply face and body then be ready for the day or head to bed.
Mountain Valley Water – I feel constantly thirsty with anything but this water and my skin has looked so much better after putting it in our home.
Lumity Morning and Night Supplements – At one time I suffered from hypothyroid. During this time my hair fell out, nails broke and skin looked older. Even after recovering I had a hard time with hair and nails. Lumity made a major difference in just a week. Everything is back to when I was in my 20’s. I recommend it to everyone!


If you’d like to find out more about Christine, you can follow her on Instagram, check out her website and also her YouTube is packed with brilliant workouts that you can try out at home.

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