How can you strengthen your immune system?

How can you strengthen your immune system? Not everyone’s immune system declines at the same rate. Diet, lifestyle and supplementing with the right essential nutrients can help slow down immune decline from the age of 35 onwards and stem chronic inflammation, writes Lumity’s creator Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD.

When I was first formulating Lumity to help us get better as we age and improve related issues like skin, hair, nails, energy and tiredness, one of my primary concerns was the decline in immune function that happens with ageing. From the age of about 35 onwards the immune response becomes less efficient, mainly because there is a fall in the production of new lymphocytes (immune cells designed to detect, identify and destroy pathogens) and in the function of existing lymphocytes. 

If immune cells are not recognising or are misidentifying (autoimmune responses) then there is a greater chance of pathogens escaping notice instead of getting destroyed.

This decline is exacerbated by inflammation, another process that increases as we age and contributes to ageing. The persistent low-grade attack from chronic inflammation is a characteristic of most degenerative diseases and accelerates ageing. Turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids (contained in flaxseed oil) have been associated with lower inflammation. 

Lifestyle changes can strengthen the immune system – the most influential being good quality sleep and reducing stress. Both poor sleep and high stress greatly impact the immune response and accelerate ageing. 

How Lumity helps immune health 

Lumity’s unique 2-step approach works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm, which optimises the regenerative qualities of sleep and bolsters the body’s active mode during the day, which includes strong immune defences. Certain nutrients are vital for the immune system. Lumity contains Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, the most crucial nutrients for the continued healthy functioning of the body’s immune system. through the years.

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