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How to Boost Your Immunity When Returning to Work

Life’s better when you’re healthier. As well as a responsive immune system that easily fights off colds and flu, when you’re healthy you have more energy, you sleep better, you look good and you feel great! With many of us returning to the workplace, yet still concerned about COVID-19, try these simple tips for a healthy lifestyle and better immune health.

Tips to Boost Immune System Before Returning to Work


Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and body and therefore contributes to better immune health. You should aim for half an hour of exercise three times a week, whether that’s a gym workout, swimming, brisk walking or running. Regular exercise slows down the release of stress hormones. Scientists believe this might reduce your chances of becoming unwell as stress is believed to weaken the immune system. Another bonus of exercise is that it is believed to help clear harmful, germ laden bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This could reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other seasonal infection.


For great health you need a good diet. Load your plate up with lots of fresh, local vegetables and fruit, some lean protein such as fish, and minimal sugars and processed foods. The immune system needs certain nutrients to function at its best. These include selenium (available from meat, including turkey, beef, pork and chicken, fish such as salmon, shellfish like prawns, and eggs), zinc (available from chicken, oysters, crab, wholegrain and dairy), vitamin A (available from liver, fish, carrot, broccoli and butternut squash), vitamin C (available from citrus fruit and berries, cabbage, turnip, leafy greens such as kale and spinach) and vitamin E (available from nuts such as almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and green vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli).


A great way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function at its best and fight off infections is to take immunity support supplements. But Lumity isn’t just about immunity support, it is a comprehensive supplement that supports your body as you age. Just one of the benefits is immune health, Lumity also has beauty benefits for skin, hair, nails, lifestyle enhancing benefits for energy, reduced tiredness, better rest and recovery, plus health benefits immunity, reduced oxidative stress, brain health and focus. Lumity contains a powerhouse blend of amino acids, which includes vitamins A, C, D and E as well as minerals selenium and zinc – so you’ll tick off your daily immune health nutrient needs, as well as enjoying the other benefits of Lumity supplements as well.


Getting plenty of sleep is key if you want to boost your immunity before returning to work. Scientists believe that sleep deprivation prevents your body from working at optimum efficiency, so if you want to fight off illness, then fight off the temptation to stay up late at night! Aim for between 7 and 8 hours sleep a night so your body can function at its best.

Mental Health

Perhaps one of the least known aspects of immunity is that stress and worry have a negative effect on immune health. If you’re planning to turbocharge your physical health and immunity before returning to work, ensure you’re happy, relaxed and well-rested, as well as physically fit and healthy.


How to Boost Your Immune System Whilst at Work


While frequent hand washing is best, keep a bottle of hand-sanitiser on your desk as a reminder to keep your hands clean. Keep a box of disposable masks on your desk too so you always have a clean mask. Remember to social distance and keep one meter away from colleagues and if possible, try to keep meetings to Zoom rather than in person.


Regular exercise helps to tame stress so try to go for a brisk walk or to the gym during your lunch hour, or after work. It will also make you feel happy, thanks to that lovely supply of endorphins.

Stress Relief

Practice active stress relief, whether that’s by doing ten minutes of meditation per day, or doing yoga before or after work, you’ll sleep better too, which is great for immune health. 

Stay on top of workplaces recommendations

Whether you are working on a building site, in an office, or on a supermarket checkout, they are all going to have official hygiene rules which have been recommended by the government for workplaces. These will include wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, self-isolating if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have travelled to an area overseas on the quarantine list. To stay on tops of these rules, check with your supervisor, HR representative, or manager.


Common Bad Habits to Avoid at Work for Immune Health


It might be tempting to snack on sugar and processed food at work, but it’s better for your overall health and immune system if you give your body a steady supply of quality nutrients. You could pack a healthy packed lunch, plus nutritious snacks so you’re not tempted by junk once you’re at your desk.

Sitting down too much

Sitting down isn’t bad for immune health but inactivity is. Take regular strolls throughout the day if you have a desk job A good rule is to take all work calls while going out for a walk.

Bad relationships with colleagues 

There’s nothing worse than a bad atmosphere at work, so try to get along with your colleagues and smooth over any arguments before they flare up. If you can’t resolve an issue you can talk to your manager or HR person.


Tame workplace stress by only thinking about work during work hours. Try meditation and mindfulness and get a hobby you can do to look forward to once you finish work like art or playing tennis.


How to Boost a Child’s Immune System When Returning to School

Children’s immune systems haven’t been exposed to as many viruses as adults, so they haven’t had time to build up immunity to the huge variety of viruses out there.

If you’re worried about your child’s immune health before they return to school, ensure their lives are as stress-free as possible, make sure they sleep well every night and load their plates high with fresh veggies at every meal.  Teach them the importance of mask-wearing, social distancing and hand washing and if you’re at all concerned then speak directly to their teacher.

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