How to Build Male Physical Stamina

What are the benefits of increased male stamina?

We know exercise is beneficial but if you’re too exhausted to go to the gym and complete a workout it can become a vicious circle. 

Poor male stamina can be depressing and have a negative effect on your confidence levels. At worst it can cause weight gain and ill health because of not exercising regularly due to not having enough energy. 

Good stamina means you can work out for longer. This helps your physical health because it wards off chronic illness and combats stress, as well as making you sleep better. It can help with weight loss and building up or defining muscles. And, the positive benefits of exercise on mental health for men can be a true boost as a decent workout in the morning changes your entire day. 

Luckily there are other ways you can increase your male stamina. 

How to increase male stamina through exercise

No matter how tired you feel, try to do some exercise as studies have shown that working out increases male stamina. If you can’t face the gym, try a 10 minute walk - anything is better than nothing. The key is mixing up your workouts, so instead of doing a boring run each day, include yoga, strength training, cardio machines, HIIT, circuit training and aerobics in your week. 

There’s no exercise you should avoid, in fact, do whatever makes you happiest and feel less stressed as mental health is key too. 

How to increase male stamina through what you eat & drink

Eat a diet that’s rich in lean protein, leafy vegetables and some slow burning complex carbs. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol and sugary, processed foods. Add a quality nutritional supplement like Lumity Male Immunity Supplements into your diet. 

Watch out for products which are marketed as energy drinks and supplements. Some of these have been found not to be effective and so will only dent your wallet. 

How to improve your Mental Stamina 

When you’re depressed, or anxious it can be very hard to summon the mental energy to workout. The trick is getting to the gym, so don’t overthink it, just grab your kit and walk out of the door. Once you’re there, tell yourself you’ll just do five or ten minutes, once the endorphins start to kick in, you’ll feel so great you’ll be able to complete a longer workout. 

Yoga is very beneficial for depression and numerous studies have shown it can make a vast and very positive difference to happiness levels in just thirty days, so if you can’t leave the house at least try to follow along with a ten-minute yoga workout online. 

Why Recovery Time is Vital

Studies have shown that pro level athletes need to take at least 72 hours between competitive sport sessions. You probably won’t need that much rest between your workouts, but your muscles do need time to recover so perhaps aim for two days of rest each week. 

Other Tips & Tricks to boost male stamina

Music – put your favourite loud tunes on and you’ll find it powers you up to workout harder and longer. 
Caffeine – don’t overdo this as it dehydrates you but having a small coffee before your morning workout might push you to run that extra mile. 
Yoga & Mediation – this combination is a dream team for great mental health so can be a powerful weapon to ensure you feel good enough to hit the gym each day. 
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