Inspiration for a fabulous attitude to healthy ageing

Age is but a number – this much we know to be true here at Lumity. But actually there’s more to healthy ageing than that, as far as we’re concerned. The passing of years is truly a something to be thankful for (as Whoopi Goldberg once said, ‘What’s the alternative? The alternative, of course, is death. So I’m happy to deal with menopause!’). With age comes confidence, resilience, and the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing who we are and what’s important to us.

As a woman of a certain age it’s easy to feel like the online community is full of pretty young influencers, flitting their way round the globe and leaving us behind. The truth is there are actually a whole load of inspiring women just like us – who have had some time on this planet, learned some lessons and are keen to impart their knowledge. Here’s our pick of our favourite blogs of the moment.

That’s Not My Age

Alyson Walsh was fashion editor of Good Housekeeping before she started her blog 8 years ago, aimed at the FAB generation (Fifty And Beyond). Her desire? To celebrate a demographic consistently overlooked by fashion magazines, who when they did focus on those over 40, offered clichéd style rules and restrictions, rather than fashion inspiration. Her blog led to a book, Style Forever, which is a “fun and practical, full of advice. I wanted to talk to people the way my friends and I talk about clothes, sharing experience and advice, not in a bossy way. You can be a feminist and into fashion too, talk about it in an intelligent way. I wanted to focus on the positives, not a list of don’t do this or that,” she says. We love this post about how Navy Blue is the Grown Up Hue and this other recent one: Why Women Over 40 want to Look Good, Not Young We couldn’t agree more!

Speed Beauty by Caroline Barnes

As a top celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years, Caroline has had plenty of time to learn the tricks of the trade. And she’s no doubt about the fact that age and beauty can definitely go hand in hand. “It’s been really important to accept that getting older is going to happen to all of us – negativity is the ugliest attribute we can have,” she says. “Beauty is about confidence and learning to love yourself no matter what age you are.” Caroline’s a beauty vlogger, and her platform of choice is YouTube . Her tutorials are all about getting short, sharp, speedy tips and are perfect for busy women – whether looking for quick makeup tips for the school run or those trying to work out how to minimise the wrinkles. We particularly love Speedy Wake Me Up Makeup and Face Lift Makeup – because who couldn’t do with that now and again!

Trinny Woodall

Part of the What Not To Wear duo Trinny and Susannah, Trinny Woodall’s Facebook page is an absolute riot. Now aged 52, Trinny is still great at knowing what she (and we) should and shouldn’t be wearing, and what we should be doing with our faces to make sure we look as fab as we can. Trinny grabs a video camera and takes us shopping with her. So if you’re wondering whether you really should still be stepping foot in H&M or Mango, now your children have started shopping there, this is the place to find out. Follow Trinny as she browses the racks and gives amazing advice on what to pair with what. Her beauty sessions (usually filmed at home in her bathroom) are equally fascinating. We love Overnight Miracles.

Lumity Life

Well….you’re here, and if you’re here you probably feel like we do about embracing ageing and looking and being your best at every age. Here at Lumity we believe beauty starts from within and each week we publish an array of articles looking into the importance of nutrition, wellness, healthy ageing and exercise on how we look and what we can be as we age.

We also love catching up with some of the most inspiring women we know who are living proof of the age-old-adage, Life Begins at 40 (or 50, or 60)!

We loved talking to Confidence Coach Esther Stanhope and Beverly Kaiser who is 78 and fabulous – two examples of ladies living their lives to their fullest. If you like what you see, please bookmark our page, and sign up for our newsletter!

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