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11th JUNE 2024

Men's Health & the future of Lumity

Lumity's CEO Marek Mossakowski shares his wellness non-negotiables and more

The conversation surrounding men’s health and wellbeing has evolved significantly in recent years, shifting towards a more balanced approach that prioritises mental health alongside physical fitness. No one understands this better than Marek Mossakowski, Lumity's CEO and a dedicated Morning & Night Male supplement subscriber. While our Morning & Night supplement caters to the nutritional needs of both the men and women in our community, the broader wellness industry is also moving towards a more holistic perspective on overall wellbeing. In this exclusive interview, Marek shares his insights, from scaling the everyday joys of being a girl dad at football matches to the future of men’s health.

What inspired you to join Lumity, and how does it feel to work for a business created by women, with a predominantly female team & community?

I sensed an opportunity to work on an excellent product [Lumity], that is rooted in science, features a clever design & actually works to provide amazing support to people at a really tough stage in their lives. The health industry, and health in general, touches every aspect of life, and to lead a business rooted in supporting and empowering women is amazing. I am learning so much, not just from my colleagues, but also the industry. There is still so much to do in this space.

How do you envision Lumity evolving as more people engage with & prioritise their health and longevity?

The health industry is massive, so you need focus and purpose. We listen to our customers' needs first and foremost to help shape how the brand evolves. Our focus is very clear, and judging by our growth and continued success, our brand purpose - to 'redefine how people think about ageing' - is working. We will evolve and continue to empower our customers to look and feel their absolute best, whether that be new products, building out our community further, or supporting more causes. 

What are your daily wellness non-negotiables?

Balance. Any miracle cure, over-promise, instant results or intense activities is more often than not total rubbish, with potential adverse effects. It's really hard to commit to continued wellness! I love running - every other day is my sweet spot. I try to eat as well as I can, often failing, but i do consistently invest time and effort into my sleep. More so than ever, looking after the mind is really important too. Switching off, being present, listening to your body and mind is just as important as physical nutrition and exercise. Like I say, a balance squeezes in all of this and feels like the best approach for me.

Balancing work and home life can be challenging. How do you manage to stay present for your family while leading (& inspiring) a team to deliver exceptional work?

Family comes first, which is a principle I have brought into Lumity's working culture. We are driven less by 9-5, are 100% remote working, and focus more on output. This allows individuals (including myself) to not feel guilty or pressured if they need to do a school run, clock off early to collect a child, or pop to the gym to squeeze in that exercise. Often, you are not present when your conscience is feeling guilt or frustration about work. Empowering the team to make sensible choices around what they need to do & when to promote a healthier work-life balance is key. 

You have two young daughters and are actively engaged in their interests, often seeking input from the Lumity team on everything from sports news to their first makeup purchases. What do you cherish most about being a girl dad?

Going from growing up in a very male-orientated house to being the only man in my household is quite a shift! There is a huge amount of compassion and support in my household which I think comes from a female-focused environment. I have loved taking an active interest in things I would not have naturally gravitated towards... I can also provide a different perspective on matters or challenges (... which sometimes doesn't land well!!!). An area we have all enjoyed as a family is supporting women's sports more; attending women's football matches, for example, has been an incredible journey from small stadiums with concrete steps as stands to selling out the Emirates.

How do Lumity's Male Morning & Night supplements enhance your performance both on the trail and in the boardroom?

Everyone experiences the product differently, but for me I have definitely felt an edge. I recover better, and seem to keep illness and colds at bay. One thing I have noticed is my hair and nails are very strong and grow fast - whilst on face value, this doesn't apply to trail running & my ability in the boardroom, it does give me huge confidence that Lumity is supporting my body and providing me strength.

In your opinion, what is the most crucial aspect of men's health that needs more attention today?

I think Men's health is very far behind. We need to be more open, talk about issues more, and importantly move more to preventative measures. A sweeping statement, but generally, from the data we have seen Men are tackling issues in the moment more. I think Men need to embrace preventative measures earlier, but that requires more openness to think and talk about one's health.

When you seek information about health and wellbeing, where do you turn?

Everywhere. It's such a huge topic, you need to curate your sources and make sure they are credible. I also think it's important to think hard about how advice or information applies to your current wellbeing and set up. There is no one-size fits all. 

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