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One Of The Best Ageing Supplements Just Got Even Better

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When it comes to supplements, not all are created equal and in the world of anti-ageing, Lumity stands out from the rest. Developed by a University of Cambridge PhD biologist, its clinically proven Morning & Night capsules contain a ground-breaking formula that supports you as you age and enhances wellness around the clock. And the great news is, it's now been upgraded, meaning it’s more effective than ever. Here’s what you need to know…

The Brand's Story

Founded by Dr Sara Palmer-Hussey, a Cambridge-educated PhD scientist, Lumity is the product of years of research. When Dr Sara started to notice her own energy levels waning, along with the onset of wrinkles and a flagging immune system, she set out to find a science-backed solution. In just six years, Lumity’s iconic supplement has become a favourite of everyone from beauty editors to A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Helena Christensen and Yasmin Le Bon.

The Latest

Lumity’s USP is that its dual formula harnesses the power of your circadian rhythm – the internal clock that keeps your body on track – offering targeted nutritional support precisely when you need it. And its new upgraded formula contains an additional nine ingredients, removing the hassle of having to take multiple supplements. Lumity Morning & Night ticks all the boxes and is clinically proven to support energy and focus, optimal immunity, hormonal balance, healthy skin, hair and nails, strong bones, joints and teeth, increased physical performance and digestive health. 

The Results

After a 12-week independent clinical trial, 84% of women noticed increased immunity and emotional balance, 92% noticed significant improvements in the condition of skin, hair and nails, while 84% felt improved energy. And whilst most users see the benefits within weeks, Lumity recommends a minimum commitment of 12 weeks to see the best results. With continued use, these benefits are sustained, resulting in overall improved energy levels, more youthful skin, a stronger immune system and a new, happier balance. Four capsules in the morning and four in the evening is all you need – think of it as optimising your body’s natural processes for the best possible results as you age. It all comes down to Lumity's softgel technology, the most advanced delivery system for nutrients on the market. As the nutrients are already suspended in nutritional oil, it means you can take the supplements on an empty stomach, which makes it easier to take your daily dose. The softgels also mean the formula is better absorbed by the body. 

"Lumity’s USP is that it harnesses the power of your CIRCADIAN RHYTHM – the INTERNAL CLOCK that keeps your body ON TRACK."

The Feedback

For Dr Shahzadi Harper, peri-menopause and menopause expert and founder of The Harper Clinic, Lumity is the ultimate all-rounder. She told us, “Lumity is a game-changing supplement. I have felt the positive effects of magnesium, zinc and vitamin C, all of which have helped support my energy levels and sleep, issues that affect many women. As ever, Lumity is leading the wellness industry with a great quality all-in-one supplement.”

The Target Market

It's really aimed at anyone with a busy lifestyle who feels they can benefit from a wellness boost or those specifically looking to combat the negative effects of ageing by supporting the body’s natural processes. Whether you’re up against it at home, in the office or a combination of the two, Lumity’s first-of-its kind formula has been scientifically-calibrated with women in mind, acting as a trusted foundation for optimum health & wellness.


If that wasn’t enough, Lumity is free from artificial binders, anti-caking agents, flavourings, sugar, caffeine and fillers, making it a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing. Lumity also provides a set of luxurious reusable glass bottles with your first subscription, plus plastic-free refill pouches and recyclable outer packaging.

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