Supplements & Multi-Vitamins - Your Questions Answered

Regardless of age or sex, a full range of nutrients is essential to ensure we can sustain our health and vitality. When we need a specific nutritional boost, help dealing with particular issues or encounter diet deficiencies, targeted supplementation is the ideal solution.

If you’re wondering which of our innovative formulas is right for you, take a look at our FAQs below.


Which supplements are best for women?

We carefully formulated our Lumity Morning & Night Female with a tailored dose of nutrients to meet the unique optimal quantities for women. 3 capsules daily ensures healthy collagen formation for stronger bones, cartilage, blood vessels, gums and teeth; stronger nails; healthy fertility and reproduction; plus a strong functioning brain and immune system.


Which supplements are best for men?

Our Lumity Morning & Night Male supplements are carefully calibrated to match the optimum quantities of essential nutrients for men. A daily dose of four capsules ensures maintenance of strong muscle function, a healthy electrolyte balance, healthy fertility and reproduction (including healthy testosterone levels), and a strong functioning brain and immune system.


Which supplement should you take in your 30’s and 40s?

Our Morning & Night Female/Male formulas were designed to be taken from age 30, as this is when the first signs of ageing can be seen in the body. We recommend you continue taking them throughout your 40s as the benefits are sustained with continuous use. For women, this is also a pivotal time for hormone fluctuations (perimenopause).


What is the best supplement for Vegans?

It can be hard enough to grab healthy food on-the-go without dietary requirements. Vegans in particular risk running low on nutrients such as B12 and iron, resulting in diminished energy, immunity and brain health. We formulated our Green Balance supplement as ideal on-the-go nourishment, ensuring that the pace of modern life doesn’t get in the way of a balanced diet and a full range of nutrients.


Which vitamins/supplements should I take for better sleep? 

Whether you’re a new parent, suffering with insomnia or simply a light sleeper, our Restful Nights Booster supplement is for you. Nutrients including magnesium and vitamin D3, and adaptogens such as turmeric and holy basil, are combined to help you achieve those extra Zzzs.


Which vitamins/supplements should I take for better energy levels?

Feeling the afternoon slump more than you’d like? Try our Power On Booster supplement. Energy-boosting nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C and iron contribute to reduced fatigue, greater brain health, a boosted immune system and optimum health.


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