Restful Nights Booster Supplement
Restful Nights Booster Supplement

Restful Nights Booster Supplement

Richer days follow Restful Nights.

Sleep is the ultimate modern luxury. Restful Nights super booster supplement has been scientifically-calibrated for those who have trouble sleeping when they’re stressed and feel tired all the time as a result

Stress disrupts sleep, this innovative vegan booster counteracts that with the potent adaptogen Holy Basil, plus Pumpkin Seed Oil, Magnesium, Turmeric and Vitamin D3. Restful Nights also supports the nervous system, allowing you to wake after a good night’s rest feeling deeply replenished and restored. 

28 vegan softgel capsules delivered to your door for just £37.00. Take one or two at bedtime on those nights when you need a great night's sleep. Or, if you feel stressed during the day, take one or two. You don't need to take them every single night or day, just during those times when you need an extra boost. 

1 pack = £37
2 packs = £64 (save £10)
3 packs = £90 (save £21)
Vegan friendly supplements, highest quality ingredients

Rest and recovery | Relaxation | Reduced feelings of stress

Lumity’s new Restful Nights super booster supplement is your non-negotiable wellness tool

Rest & recovery

Rest & recovery



Reduced stress

Reduced stress

Client testimonials

What they're saying...

"Oh wow. These are like a meditation pill. I feel my entire body relax once I am in bed and it's so easy to fall asleep after that."

Angie Bunting

"This product results in deeper sleep and less tiredness during the day. It just seems to contribute to my overall wellbeing. I feel better in a way that's hard to describe."

Deborah Oxberry

"It helps take the stress out of my body. I’m not holding my shoulders stiffly or clenching my jaw as much. Sleeping better is key and Lumity is key."

Chana Mill

"Changed my life. They are a little capsule of magic."

Shirley Lane
Vegan friendly supplements, highest quality ingredients

Benefits you can feel, science you can trust

Your non-negotiable wellness tool when you need an extra boost

Pumpkin Seed Oil



Vitamin D3

Holy basil



How to use

Delivers rapid results you can trust

Take one or two of our innovative vegan-friendly softgel capsules with a few sips of water at bedtime as and when needed. You can take alongside Lumity's Morning and Night supplements as a boost, or without.

Suitable for women and men.

“Highly recommend for a great night’s sleep”

Jennifer Innis - testimonial after just one use

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