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The best anti-ageing skincare for sensitive skin

With over half of women claiming to have a sensitive complexion, you’re not alone when it comes to red, dry and irritated skin, and its hard to find the best anti-ageing skincare products for sensitive skin that works for you. It’s well known that despite some of them containing anti-ageing ingredients, chemical based, highly fragranced products can often aggravate or sensitive skin further, meaning they’re not ideal for a complexion that is already delicate. Paying great attention to your anti-ageing skincare routine is important anyway, but perhaps even more so when you suffer from sensitive skin, ensuring that you find the right products that are going to help and not hinder your skin.

Even if you didn’t suffer with skin sensitivity when you were younger, your skin can often become more sensitive with age, as its natural barrier weakens – making an anti-ageing skincare routine vital. Here are some of the steps you should be taking to ensure a smooth, non-irritated complexion by choosing the best skin care products for sensitive aging skin.

Avoid wipes and foaming cleansers

Make up wipes are notorious for their slightly harsh consistency and alcohol content, making them extremely drying and even irritating for some complexions. For an anti-ageing skincare routine that isn’t harsh on sensitive skin, it is advised that the use of make up wipes is avoided, with foaming cleansers coming a close second. Foaming cleansers are popular due to their satisfying ability to make skin feel squeaky clean, however, in the process, they usually strip the skin completely of oil, which is a no-go for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin sufferers who want to follow an anti-ageing skincare routine effectively are recommended to use a cleanser that, although it may contain some of the best anti-ageing ingredients, has a non-drying formula, meaning that not only redness and irritation is kept at bay, but also those slow-forming fine lines and wrinkles that can become more pronounced as you age. Ensure that your cleanser also contains plenty of vitamins for healthy skin. If you would like a slightly more thorough cleanse or want to remove excess makeup, try a fragrance-free micellar water, wiped gently over your face on a soft cotton pad.


When it comes to anti-ageing skincare and wrinkle treatment, there is probably nothing more important than a good level of SPF, not just when your face is exposed to hot sun during warm weather, but every day. The sun’s powerful UV rays are damaging to sensitive skin at any age, but particularly as you get older and fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots have started to appear – all of which are worsened when UV protection is not worn. An anti-ageing moisturiser that contains a level of at least SPF 15, along with its anti-ageing ingredients, is essential for your anti-ageing skincare arsenal and can be worn alone or underneath make up. If your skin is already reddened and dried out, nothing will aggravate it more than the heat of the sun, so be sure to protect your delicate complexion with effective anti-ageing products, containing a SPF of 15+.

An all-natural facial oil

Sensitive and ageing skin is likely to suffer with dryness that could need more than just an anti-ageing moisturiser. Using a soothing, smoothing facial oil will not only help your skin remain hydrated but also ensures it will be getting all of the essential anti-ageing ingredients and vitamins for healthy skin it needs, in order to maintain a youthful, radiant glow.

Lumity’s anti-ageing facial oil contains 32 botanical extracts and essential oils that work together to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore that much-needed elasticity to the skin. Not only does this anti-wrinkle treatment contain essential anti-ageing ingredients, its elements are all completely natural, with the anti-ageing oil being totally free from anything that may aggravate sensitive skin, particularly parabens, sulphates, added sugar and caffeine. An honest, effective anti-ageing treatment.

Supporting supplements

It’s important to remember that how healthy we are on the inside, can also show on the outside and in fact, some of the best anti-ageing ingredients aren’t applied cosmetically but taken orally, to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our anti-ageing skincare for sensitive skin routine. Taking supplements in the morning and evening can be an effective anti-ageing treatment, offering nutrition for the skin, an anti-ageing measure and contributing positively to general health and wellbeing. The best supplements for skin will be totally free from any unnecessary additives (parabens, caffeine etc) and instead will be made up of natural elements that form some of skincare’s most essential anti-ageing ingredients.

Lumity’s anti-ageing skincare supplements are super-easy to incorporate into an existing routine and are taken twice a day to not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but to contribute towards joint and muscle health, brain functionality and restoring that all important glow that we get from taking vitamins for healthy skin. To get the most out of your anti-ageing skincare routine, add a supplement step and see the results for yourself.

Eat sensibly

You can purchase all of the anti-ageing skincare in the world but none of it will work as effectively as you’d like it to if you aren’t following a balanced diet that’s low in sugar and high in healthy fats. When it comes to anti-ageing in particular, sugar can have a detrimental effect to the appearance of our skin. Eating too much sugar can cause a spike in insulin levels that eventually start to break down collagen and elastin, causing sagging skin that looks old and sallow – definitely not the supple, youthful appearance that we look to achieve with our anti-ageing skincare routine.

Of course, everything should be eaten in moderation and enjoying a bit of sugar here and there isn’t going to suddenly and dramatically age our skin, but making sure we eat a balanced diet is definitely going to help our overall health and wellbeing.  

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