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26th APRIL 2024

Unlocking the Secrets of Youth: The Rise of Biological Age Testing

With scientific research and innovation at our core, at Lumity, we’re excited by new developments in research, clinical studies and product design aimed at optimising health and wellness. One example of this, is the increasingly popular biological age testing. Gaining traction amongst researchers, industry-experts and consumers alike, this innovative technology allows individuals to test, measure and fully understand the way their body ages - assessing key lifestyle factors with the biggest overall impact on their health and longevity.

Armed with this knowledge and insight into their biological age, individuals can make informed decisions regarding diet, exercise, and overall wellness strategies tailored to their specific needs.

Lumity x GlycanAge starter kit bundle

What is Biological Age Testing?

Biological age, as opposed to chronological age, delves into the true state of our bodies at a cellular level. Biological age testing analyses various biomarkers, providing insights into the body’s overall health and underlying ageing process. A popular choice for those seeking a more personalised, and measured approach to their wellbeing.

Enter GlycanAge; driven by extensive research & cutting edge science, GlycanAge was founded to understand the impact of lifestyle interventions and disease prediction through glycan analysis. GlycanAge testing empowers you to create personalised, pro-active healthcare regimes, so that you can live better, longer.

Why GlycanAge Stands Out

  1. Precision and Accuracy: GlycanAge stands out for its high precision in determining biological age. By focusing on glycans – sugar molecules attached to proteins – it provides a more nuanced understanding of cellular health, surpassing traditional age markers.
  2. Actionable Recommendations: Beyond revealing your biological age, GlycanAge doesn’t stop there. Their team of health experts provide personalised recommendations to improve your glycan profile, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards healthier living.
  3. Scientific Validation: Backed by rigorous scientific research, GlycanAge’s methodology has undergone extensive validation. This ensures that the insights gained from the testing are not just intriguing but also reliable.
Lumity x GlycanAge starter kit bundle

The Lumity x GlycanAge #FeelGoodStudy

In a collaborative stride towards further understanding optimal wellbeing, Lumity and GlycanAge have joined forces to launch the #FeelGoodStudy. This innovative consumer study aims to measure the impact of Lumity’s supplementation on biological age - building upon Lumity’s commitment to scientific-rigour as demonstrated in their double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. By combining Lumity’s expertise in natural supplements specifically designed to support overall health, beauty and vitality, together with GlycanAge’s cutting-edge glycan-analysis technology, the collaboration seeks to measure the impact of Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement on longevity and overall healthier ageing.

The #FeelGoodStudy not only represents a fusion of scientific rigour and wellness innovation, but also holds the promise of uncovering insights that could help redefine how we might approach ageing and wellbeing in the future.


“At last I’ve found a credible product!”

“I've been taking Lumity's Morning & Night since 2015 and recently started to look for a robust biological age test. I discovered GlycanAge when it was mentioned as a credible scientific based test by a menopause doctor. I found the test easy to use and the communication excellent. The report was followed up with a consultation on my results with a qualified Doctor who was very professional and informative. At last I felt I had a credible product and service to recommend. And... my biological age was 5 years younger than my chronological one!”