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Four Friends & Their Wellness Secrets

Everyone’s path to feeling their best is entirely their own. In continuing our focus on empowering women throughout their health & wellness journeys, we recognise the importance of female friendships. A powerful source of strength, comfort, and often wisdom. It's regularly through the filter of our close relationships that we learn more about ourselves and how to lead healthy lifestyles. We asked one close-knit group of friends to share their invaluable perspectives.

Meet the Morning & Night subscribers who are a source of support for each other...

Grace Calder is a mum and film actress who uses her Morning & Night supplement to alleviate insomnia and restore her energy.

Charlotte Clisby is the founder of a brand and talent partnerships agency in London. She has found Lumity provides a constant stream of energy, to the point where she has completely phased out caffeine!

Elle McAlpine is an actress and intimacy coordinator who has found Morning & Night to be a daily essential while balancing work and raising her 10-month old.

Elizabeth Bennett is a theatre lecturer in London teaching drama who has noticed a difference in her hair growth and hormonal balance since subscribing to Morning & Night.

The women's health movement has gained significant momentum in recent years– as a brand, we are proud to be committed to women's health and empowerment. What aspect(s) of Lumity's mission resonates with you the most, and how do you personally connect with the brand's values?

Grace: Transparency. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate real clarity in what I’m putting in my body and I’ve found Lumity’s science-first approach really refreshing.

Charlotte: Empowering women to be all they can and want to be whilst providing support with that, for every type of woman, its inclusive.

Elle: I love that this brand was birthed from a post-partum experience. Becoming a mother has been one of my life’s greatest privilege’s and I thank my lucky stars every day for my daughter. This doesn’t mean to say however, that in these early years, I haven’t, at times, lost the thread of who you I am and what I need when tending to and nurturing a new life. As a brand, I really feel it has an understanding of this – energy and vitality is needed to raise a child and be the best parent you can be. Taking the supplements have really helped me come back to myself.

Libby: The fact that Lumity is ethical and sustainable is so important to me. My feminism is really linked to wider social justice causes such as animal testing and climate change so it’s really key that any wellbeing products I use are Leaping Bunny certified and environmentally friendly. I was so excited when it arrived and the packaging was compostable.

How did you first discover the brand, and what made you interested in getting to know Lumity?

Grace: I received the Lumity Facial Oil as a gift and was immediately hooked. It’s now my go-to gift for all my friends - male or female. I’ve bought it for all 3 of the other women in this profile and that was their gateway into Lumity too.

Charlotte: Grace had mentioned it numerous times but it had also been recommended by a talent manager who told me that both her and her client swore by it.

Elle: I first heard about Lumity through one of my best people. She kindly gave me a bottle of the face oil and then introduced me to the supplements which were a total game changer.

Libby: I had heard Charlotte and Grace discuss how good Lumity was on our girls’ nights out, and I was interested and pleased that it has helped their skin and their sleep, but these weren’t a major issue for me. Then when I was doing some research into supplements to help me manage my PMS and hormones, Lumity’s name kept coming up so I thought I would try it too.

"As a brand, I really feel it has an understanding of this – energy and vitality is needed to raise a child and be the best parent you can be. Taking the supplements have really helped me come back to myself."

Elle McAlpine

What are your go-tos for practising wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Grace: Yoga and breath work are my secret weapons. I find both practices directly influence my body’s physiological response to stress. However, these are fairly solitary activities so I find balancing them with wine nights in the company of friends is essential.

Charlotte: Consistency is key to me for practicing and maintaining wellness. The things I’ve noticed impact from are swapping normal coffee for Mushroom Coffee and specifically Lion's Mane, Reformer Pilates, Breathwork and also Symprove for my gut health.

Elle: I live in the Cotswolds, so am surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. I have a dog and daughter who loves the outside. We spend around 1-2 hours a day walking. Connecting to nature and living amongst the most beautiful backdrop is one of life’s luxuries and we make it a daily practice. I also do a lot of other movement practices and try and factor them into my day – dancing, yoga and other embodiment practices.

Libby: I am obsessed with sleep, so I always try to get 8-10 hours, but I know that this isn’t right or possible for everyone. I also love to walk; in cities, in the countryside, and on the coast. Walking has always been really important for my physical and mental health. Sometimes I will go Nordic walking, sometimes long distance, but I also just love an aimless wander. I really love gardening and the way it connects me with the seasons and the moment. Spending time with my cats, and other animals, is vital for my happiness too.

Can you share 3 things that make you feel empowered?

Grace: Human connection, sea air and high heels.

Charlotte: People are a huge part for me - Being in a room with people that want to be part of something together, to genuinely build each other up and share in success. Have a sense of freedom, not feeling constrained or controlled, having the room to feel and be without expectation or even having expectations on other. I’ve started to focus my attention on designing a life with key pillars that allow for this.


1. Being a mother – My daughter empowers me and makes me strive to be the best mother I can be to her. I have never felt more powerful than when I was giving birth. Women are the most
incredible creatures on this planet.
2. Exercise and feeling strong.
3. Creating – like writing, acting.

Libby: Feminism, friendships, and education.

Success means different things to different people. In the context of your busy life and wellness journey with Lumity, how do you personally define success, and what milestones or achievements make you feel accomplished and fulfilled?

Grace: My greatest sense of fulfilment arises when I have the energy to be fully engaged and present, whether at work or with my family. Honestly, this presents my most significant challenge, so whenever I manage it, I consider that achievement success in itself.

Charlotte: This has changed significantly for me, it used to be how people saw me or perhaps achievements or work success. Now success for me is being happy as much of the time as possible and doing exactly what I want to do every day. Not feeling that I have to choose or compromise but designing my life to have it all as much of the time as possible.

Elle: I define success through my relationships. When my relationships are at their strongest, when I am deeply connected to those I love, when I feel like we are in flow with each other and are spending quality time together – this is when I feel my most successful. I also define success by how often I am willing to get back up. I try really hard to cultivate a deep sense of trust that life is happening in the way it is supposed to.

Libby: Maintaining a balance feels like a real achievement. Keeping weekends work free is something that is vital for me now, and making sure I get away from my emails and into my garden – that is success.

‌What impact has Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement had on your life and how have you built it into your day-to-day routine?

Grace: ‌For most of my adult life, I struggled with sleep. During a particularly brutal period of insomnia after a jetlagged return from Australia, I opted for the 3 month trial of the supplements. Four years later, it’s impacted the quality of my sleep so profoundly that I don’t even suffer with jet lag anymore. My unpredictable job and growing family means that every day’s routine is entirely different, so I appreciate the habitual nature of the Morning and Night Supplements.

Charlotte: It's become a staple part of my wellness routine and I take them everywhere with me!! I take it just after breakfast. The changes are very subtle but consistent, so it’s hard to immediately pin point, I notice it has a considerable impact on my sleep and skin if I ever stop taking Lumity for an extended period of time.

Elle: As described in the first question the impact has been predominantly on my energy levels. Raising children is exhausting and the supplements have helped with my sleep and in turn, my energy levels. I love a morning and an evening ritual, where my house is still asleep or going to sleep and I do my routines and
take my supplements.

Libby: I notice the impact it has on my hormone regulation the most, but I also really just love the ritual of taking it morning and night and that feeling like a clear act of self-care in a busy day where a lot of my energy has gone out rather than in.

" My unpredictable job and growing family means that every day’s routine is entirely different, so I appreciate the habitual nature of the Morning & Night Supplements.''

Grace Calder

As individuals with diverse lifestyles, you've found a supplement routine that works for you. What advice would you give to other women who are striving to make positive lifestyle changes, and how can they find success and balance while incorporating wellness into their busy lives?

Grace: Embrace imperfection. It wasn’t until I had my first baby that I realised that being kind to myself was essential for maintaining any semblance of balance. Celebrate the small wins and surround yourself with people who want to celebrate them with you.

Charlotte: I always like to make small changes and be consistent with them, especially with wellness. I also find habit stacking, sandwiching a new habit within two existing ones helps too. Also, wellness habits which aren’t dependent on being in a particular location and are easy to maintain around a busy schedule.

Elle: Start somewhere and start small. Don’t try and make dramatic changes. Get outside, go for a walk. Sit down for five minutes and close your eyes and just take 5 long deep breaths. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Find a supplement that works for you – but equally look after your body and eat well. What you eat will impact your energy levels, how you feel and look. Hug your friends and family. Laugh, dance. Life is so short! It’s there to be enjoyed. Joy can change your life.

Libby: Keep talking to your friends, keep learning, and be open to change (this is also advice to

How do you prioritise and maintain your energy levels each day, considering the unique challenges that women often face in balancing various responsibilities? We acknowledge that achieving the perfect balance isn't always possible - can you share some of the strategies or practices you've adopted to support (and sustain) yourself physically and emotionally?

Grace: I stopped drinking coffee about 18 months ago and haven’t looked back. I used to drink 2 a day and I realised I had become very dependent. I’ve replaced it with matcha so I still have a ritual of popping to a local coffee shop which was part of the appeal for me anyway. My energy levels, mood and productivity are now much more consistent.

Charlotte: Being more present in my body has been key for me so that I can notice what affects my energy from a physical and emotional perspective. Then I can notice what has a direct correlation on filling or draining my energy. I also try to minimize overthinking by separating thoughts into things I can control, what I can influence and what is out of my control. Exercising, even just a walk, and getting outside is also very important for my energy levels.

Elle: I am very passionate about nervous system regulation. I commit to a daily practice to expand my range and to hold sensation in my body. This comes in the form of movement and embodiment practices which filter out into how I am in my everyday life. Shaking, stretching, dancing the body has profound effects – it moves energy and leaves me feel re-energised and clears my head. I am a mother, a partner, a friend, a sister, a daughter and a business owner. I take pride in the roles I play in life, and in the relationships I cultivate with those I am lucky enough to have in my life – but with this comes a need to constantly look inward and continuously ask myself what I need in order to feel my best and to be the best version of myself for those around me. Daily ritual is paramount and also finding joy in the simplest things.

Libby: I feel like I am on a life-long journey with this, but I think something that is becoming key
in my mid 30s is to consciously invest time in my friendships and make time to do more
than just catch up on WhatsApp. I always feel inspired and rejuvenated after chatting to a friend on the phone or grabbing coffee and it is easy to put those things off because of work, or personal admin etc. Especially in my 30s, once people settle down, we have careers and children and pets and a whole heap of other responsibilities, but I think friendships can be things that sustain and nurture you throughout your life.

If you had 30 seconds to recommend Lumity to a friend, what would you say?

Grace: It’s a simple way to support your health and vitality. Every person I know who took the three month trial, it has helped in different ways. It could be worth discovering what it might do for you.

Charlotte: I recommend Lumity to anyone that will listen! It’s the only supplement you need to take as a woman to see consistent noticeable results!

Elle: If you like ritual, if you like routine, Lumity is for you. The supplements will impact everyone differently, but you will see the effects quickly. You can trust what is in them and know that your body will respond in the way that is right for it. Lean into your curiosity. If it strikes something in you – try it. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Libby: Try it ... and grab yourself some facial oil and the jade roller too for added self-care!

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