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The supplements Bazaar’s beauty team swear by

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Because beauty starts from within

Who doesn’t want better sleep, skin and immunity? Well, there’s a pill for that. Read on to see the supplements that our beauty team rely on for a daily dose of vitality.

Lumity Life

"I’ve been taking these softgel capsules semi-consistently for a year now. I had a break mid-way through when I simply got out of the habit, but the results prompted be to start taking them again. Obviously, mine is no controlled scientific experiment, but I can say – anecdotally – that the supplements have seemed to make my hair noticeably thicker. It’s the thickest it’s ever been, in fact, which is not something that generally comes with age. I’ve heard others report of hair growth as a result of taking these, but the primary intention of Lumity is that of ‘anti-ageing’, by repairing oxidative damage and contributing to collagen and elastin formation in your skin. I’m regularly told that I look well rested, despite having a toddler who has never slept through the night – and I put much of that down to these." - Bridget March, digital beauty director

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