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Lumity x AllBright

At Lumity, we know that the right nutrition can supercharge your life, and empower you to look, feel and perform at your absolute best. With our shared passion for creating a world full of limitless possibilities for women, we know that prioritising your health, strength and wellness is essential for success. That’s why we’re so excited to have partnered with AllBright to share our knowledge and advice on how to make nutrition work for you.


About Lumity

In 2013, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey PHD had just had her first child and was juggling a busy career. Feeling depleted, tired and in need of additional energy & immune support; Dr Sara developed a pioneering new supplement that would work at a cellular level, in sync with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, to support its changing needs and promote healthy ageing. After years of research and independent clinical trials, our groundbreaking Morning & Night supplement was born. Ten years on, our range has expanded to include more innovative supplements and an award-winning skincare line - all designed to support body and mind.

Why Choose Lumity?

Designed By Women, For Women 

Our hero Morning & Night supplement was designed by a busy, working mother who was feeling depleted. As a PHD biologist, she knew she could develop a truly efficacious product that would support the female body with a solid foundation of nutrition  - empowering them to feel their best every day, as well as helping them age well.

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Clinically Tested, Award-Winning Products

The Lumity Morning and Night supplement has undergone rigorous independent clinical trials to ensure maximum efficacy. Lumity commissioned an independent, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study with 50 female participants aged 35-65, over a 12 week period. This gold standard clinical trial demonstrated that Lumity Morning & Night has a significant impact on skin, hair and nails, as well as improving multiple lifestyle factors such as emotional balance, focus and energy.

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Exceptional Product Design

Lumity Morning & Night is designed to complement and harness the power of your circadian rhythm, giving your body the right nutrients, when it needs them most. Plus, our softgels use the most innovative technology on the market. The softgel format enables the nutrients to be ultra-bioavailable - meaning the body absorbs them faster and more completely than when they are housed in traditional hard-cap, powder or tablet formats. As the nutrients in our softgels are already suspended in flaxseed oil, Morning & Night can be taken on an empty stomach - making keeping to a consistent routine easier. 


An Empowered Community of Women

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose something truly efficacious and that will make a difference to you. We know that our clinically tested, award winning supplements are transformative for thousands of people and we regularly hear from the #LumityCollective about how the products have transformed the way they feel. Head over to our reviews page to read real customer testimonials.

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Expert-approved Formulations

At Lumity all of our products are designed to support the health concerns of our customers. Our formulations take years to develop, bench-test and trial before they make their way into the hands of our wonderful customers. After approval from our in-house, industry experts, each product is trialled and tested by a conscious-consumer group over a 4-8 week period. As we continue to innovate, we believe that this valuable customer insight is what helps to make our products the best on the market.


A Sustainable Approach to Brand & Product

We are Leaping Bunny certified and we have never tested on animals and never will. All of our supplement pouches are compostable and we use either reusable & recyclable glass jars, recyclable cardboard or infinitely recyclable aluminium across our range. We only use the highest quality, third party certified ingredients.

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What the #LumityCollective Have to Say

Helena Christensen

International Supermodel


"I love that Lumity is a low-commitment health and beauty secret that meets women where they are in their lives. Lumity supports your overall beauty routine - It makes everything you're currently doing work more effectively. It doesn't require a lifestyle overhaul but instead gives the extra energy support we need to do all the things we set out to do each day."

Skin Nutrients Facial Oil
Mary Greenwell

Celebrity Make-up artist


"I’ve been using Lumity morning and Night supplements for a number of years now and I can honestly say I have seen a huge overall improvement whilst taking them. Most notably in the appearance of my skin. Glowing hydrated and supple creating the ideal base for applying make-up. My industry friends love them too, they are easy to take and the benefits are like nothing else!"

Morning & Night Female Supplement

Celebrity Makeup Artist


"I have been taking Lumity Life for years now... it is an amazing holistic system for your inner and outer beauty and health. Taking care of your hair, skin and nails as well as supporting my immune system, muscles, bones and joints. I take 3 pills in the morning and 3 at night and feel great, even at the tail end of menopause!"

Morning & Night Female Supplement
Pandora Paloma

Quantum Transformation and Business Coach


"I can’t tell you how many people have told me I’m glowing since I’ve started using Lumity. And I can see it myself too. My skin and eyes are brighter, my energy levels higher and my body feels healthier. As someone who works in the self development industry I know how important it is to look after your body; I always say ‘body first, mind follows’ and with using Lumity I know I’m giving my body everything she needs to thrive."

Morning & Night Female Supplement

Head of Editorial Content - British Vogue


Lumity is great for keeping your skin and hair looking healthy in addition to boosting your energy levels — win-win, as far as I’m concerned.

Morning & Night Female Supplement
Val Garland

Celebrity Make-up Artist & British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor


"I've been taking these Lumity pills which Kate Moss put me onto they are very good for your hair, face and skin. I don't know what they do, but I'm buying into the magic of it."

Morning & Night Female Supplement
Savannah Miller

International Fashion Designer


"I was astonished by how effective it was on a physical level. I couldn't believe how quickly my nails and hair responded and my eyes got brighter. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need... particularly as you age, things do need more support like your bone density starts to weaken and your skin elasticity starts to degenerate . All of this is supported by this formula." Read Less

Morning & Night Female Supplement
Wendy Rowe

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Nutritionist


Lumity's Morning & Night supplements really help your body to function 24/7. The Morning capsules have Vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium to protect against oxidative stress. The Night ones have omega-3 and amino acids to support skin and hair health"

Morning & Night Female Supplement

Actress, Filmmaker & Women's Activist


"As soon as I started taking the Night supplements (packed with magnesium) - I immediately noticed I was sleeping deeper and waking up in the morning feeling properly rested and looking radiant. I’ve noticed a vast difference in my energy from the day time supplements, plus they are simply magic for hair and nails. So clever to match the ingredients to what women need most at the start and end of each day."

Morning & Night Female Supplement

See & Feel The Benefits

We believe if you feel good, you look good. Our clinically proven nutritional supplements help combat the negative effects of ageing, supporting your health, strength and wellbeing from the inside out with a complex blend of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Adaptogens. Keep reading to discover the synergy between our ingredients and their benefits...

Vitamin b6

Vitamin B6 supports the healthy regulation of hormonal activity, a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and strong psychological function.

"Lumity Morning & Night is the best product on the market, it has transformed my life. I have been given my life back again from levels of fatigue that left me crippled for most of my day, my hair has stopped falling out, my nails are finally growing and my skin has lost 20 years of stress. I feel alive with a joy & vitality I never thought possible!”

Marion, Morning & Night Customer, TrustPilot

What The Experts Say

Sara Palmer-Hussey PhD

Lumity Chief Scientist

I formulated the Morning & Night supplement for real men and women, who are trying their best to live a healthy life, but often stress, a busy schedule and less-than-perfect choices or habits get in the way. I see Morning & Night as a high-powered nutritional support that gives disproportionate benefits for minimum commitment. Every Lumity product whether a supplement or a skincare product is packed full of superior nutrition. The nutrients chosen work together in carefully-calibrated teams to support the body’s best health from the inside out and from the outside in.Lumity's approach acknowledges the body's superior intelligence and harnesses the ways the body itself counterbalances on-going damage through protection and repair. Lumity works in balance with the body, following its lead and supporting its intrinsic drive towards health.

Lumity Chief Scientist
Karen Cummings-Palmer

Integrated Health & Nutrition Expert


I was sent Lumity to try and used it personally for 3 months and I loved it. I've been using it now for about 4 years. For me its a little bit of everything... the Morning & Night supplement supports my skin, it supports nails and it supports my energy. Really crucially it supports my sleep so I have deeper, more regenerative sleep and I think everything is better from your mood to your metabolism if your sleep is on point.

Morning & Night customer | 4 years
Nichola Joss

Leading Celebrity Facialist & Skincare Expert


I recently found the best supplements I have ever taken. Having tried Lumity for six months (soft capsules with ingredients of a high-grade quality), I started noticing a significant improvement in my skin and the thickness, and health of my hair. Also, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and feel rejuvenated upon waking. While recovering from an infection and hospital operation, I believe that the supplements also aided a quicker and fully recovery.

Morning & Night customer
Lindsey Ormond

MSc RNutritionist

The unique combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and extracts in Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement can help protect cells from oxidative damage, contribute to protein synthesis and boost the immune system. With morning and night formulations to support the daily circadian rhythm, the bioactive components can help reduce fatigue and tiredness, and promote energy metabolism.

Lumity Chief Nutritionist
Eve Kalinik

Leading Nutritionist


I’m very conscious of not endorsing supplements generically (we are all very different!) this is a very clever blend of nutrients! They are also free from gluten, parabens, sulphites, petrochemicals, sugar and many more! Never underestimate the power of clean natural ingredients.

Morning & Night Consulting Nutritionist
Dr Sheila Nazarian


Lumity is a supplement that I like to take for my hair and skin and also to support my general wellness.

Morning & Night customer
Alicia Cooper

Clinical Nutritionist, Dip-Nt, mBANT, CNHC

As a Clinical Nutritionist specialised in female health & ageing, I’m always on the lookout for brands and supplements that can support my clients and their evolving nutritional needs over time.Lumity Life really caught my eye with their innovative morning and night formulations. So often supplement brands fail to consider the differing nutritional needs from when you’re waking up ready to face the day and at night when your body is asleep and focused on growth & repair.The morning formulation combines a superior blend of vitamins, minerals & amino acids to support cellular energy production, fatty acid metabolism and mitochondrial health.A really important ingredient featured in Lumity Life is N-Acetyl Carnitine. Carnitine is a compound made in the kidneys, liver and brain that has a variety of functions in the body, but in particular, it plays a crucial role in energy production by transporting fatty acids metabolised from food to your mitochondria. Carnitine production decreases as we age, and low levels have been linked to cognitive decline and other neurodevelopmental disorders. I always recommend my clients to take a good quality N-Acetyl Carnitine supplement and Lumity Life combines it with an array of other fantastic ingredients to support a healthy brain and development as we age.The night formulation is really targeted to support growth & repair as we sleep - a vital period of rest and rejuvenation for the body that is so often overlooked or impaired as we age. The formulation contains an advanced blend of amino acids that provide the building blocks for protein and neurotransmitter synthesis, helping to support these essential repairprocesses overnight. They also help encourage sleep onset and a restful night – something that can be hard to obtain as we age.I’ve been taking Lumity for months and recommend to all of my clients who are looking for comprehensive nutritional support as they age and move through different life stages.It also comes in handy recyclable pouches so you can take Lumity with you wherever you go.

Lumity Consulting Nutritionist
Shani Darden

Celebrity Esthetician & Skin Expert


I love the Lumity Morning & Night Supplements because they have tons of essential nutrients like antioxidants and omegas, which keep your skin young and supple.

Morning & Night customer
Dr Uchenna Okoye

Cosmetic Dentist & Dental Expert


I have definitely experienced better sleep and a greater sense of calm since taking Lumity. I’m also more energised and really enjoying the compliments I’m getting on my skin.

Morning & Night customer