Macadamia Seed Oil - Anti Ageing Facial Oil | Lumity

If you don’t know how beneficial macadamia oil is and why you should be incorporating it into your skincare routine then you’ve landed on the right page.

The macadamia tree is indigenous to Australia and has a long history of use in the world of nutrition, beauty and skincare. Australian aborigines first used the nut oil as a cosmetic and a body paint, establishing the role we see it have in the beauty and cosmetics industries today. Macadamia nut oil is now most often used as a softener and moisturiser for the skin making it a particularly useful ingredient for dry skin types to have in their bathroom cabinets. 

"If there’s one thing beauty lovers crave, it’s the ever-elusive natural glow"

As macadamia oil has been more closely studied in recent years, we've come to learn more about the science of the ingredient and why it might have been so popular in history. Palmitoleic acid, a substance that’s found naturally in the skin, is a natural emollient that depletes as we age. Rich in this skin-smoothing acid, macadamia nut oil helps to minimise blemishes and signs of lines. While this is something expected of or desired from skincare routines, it is refreshing to have a natural ingredient that is structured to give us such benefits. 

If there’s one thing beauty lovers crave, it’s the ever-elusive natural glow. Although facial oils may feel thick and greasy to the touch, this easily absorbed oil mimics the skin’s own natural oils. This affinity with the skin's natural - and necessary - oils help to keep sebum production in check rather than making your skin feel 'oily' - something that oily skin types will want to run a mile away from. It sits lightly on the skin and leaves it feeling silky, smooth and with a subtle radiance that all skin types can benefit from.

Its soothing, moisturising nature makes it a fantastic shaving oil for men and women to help prevent against irritation. Its rich yet gentle nature also means it removes stubborn eye make up a treat.