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Morning & Night Female Supplement

Health and beauty starts from within. Our award-winning Morning & Night supplement supports your body's different needs around the clock. Featuring a clinically-proven blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, adaptogens & omega 3's, this powerful formulation empowers you to redefine the way you age by nourishing your body at a cellular level. 

✓ 92% reported improved skin, fewer wrinkles, glossier hair & stronger nails*
✓ 88% felt more focussed & alert*
84% reported increased immunity*
✓ 84% reported more energy, better sleep & improved emotional balance*
* Respondents in an independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

    Morning & Night Female Supplement
    Morning & Night Female Supplement
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    The Benefits

    Designed to complement and harness the body's Circadian Rhythm, Lumity’s unique Morning & Night formula works to harness the different natural cycles of the body. The Morning softgels target the energetic awake cycle of your day, and the Night softgels target the regenerative and repair qualities of your sleep cycle.

    Morning & Night Customers, Real Reviews

    Helena Christensen



    I've been taking Lumity's Morning & Night supplements and actually approached them [to work with them] because I love the supplements. Before, I was taking all these different vitamins in tiny little boxes, but I realised that Lumity contained a lot of the ingredients in one place and then a few more that I wanted to try. I was interested in turmeric and that's in there, flaxseed - which I know is really healthy - and the basic vitamins too.

    Morning & Night Female Supplement
    Hannah Waddingham



    Genuinely don't know how I would be travelling as much as I do, without the constant system-support of Lumity's Morning & Night supplement. Thank you for keeping me well!

    Morning & Night Female Supplement
    Ruby Hammer MBE

    Make Up Artist


    I have been taking Lumity Morning & Night for years now... it is an amazing holistic system for your inner and outer beauty and health. Taking care of your hair, skin and nails as well as supporting my immune system, muscles, bones and joints. I take 4 in the morning and 4 at night and feel great, even at the tail end of menopause!

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Laura Jackson

    Founder & Broadcaster


    Post breast-feeding, my friend suggested getting the Lumity Morning & Night supplement when I was feeling like I was in a hormone washing machine…they are definitely helping.

    Morning & Night Female Supplement
    Pandora Paloma

    Lifestyle Consultant & Coach


    I can’t tell you how many people have told me I’m glowing since I’ve started using Lumity. And I can see it myself too. My skin and eyes are brighter, my energy levels higher and my body feels healthier. As someone who works in the self development industry I know how important it is to look after your body; I always say ‘body first, mind follows’ and with using Lumity I know I’m giving my body everything she needs to thrive

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Alex Steinherr

    Journalist & Beauty Expert


    "When I am going through stressy periods, I make sure I take a good supplement to support my skin. It’s always difficult to be able to pinpoint exactly whether a supplement is working or not, but all I can say is that I have been taking Lumity Morning & Night for over a month and well, my skin is holding up pretty well."

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Savannah Miller

    International Fashion Designer


    I was astonished by how effective it was on the physical level. I couldn’t believe how quickly my nails and hair responded, and my eyes got brighter. It sounds superficial but honestly unless you try these things you can’t know, and it is a one stop shop essentially for everything you need. And as women particularly as we age things do need more support like your bone density starts to weaken and your skin elasticity starts to degenerate, and all of this stuff is supported by this formula so it’s definitely worth trying.

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Bridget March

    Digital Beauty Director -Harpers Bazaar


    "I’ve been taking these softgel capsules semi-consistently for a year now. I had a break mid-way through when I simply got out of the habit, but the results prompted be to start taking them again. I can say – anecdotally – that the supplements have seemed to make my hair noticeably thicker. It’s the thickest it’s ever been, in fact, which is not something that generally comes with age. I’ve heard others report of hair growth as a result of taking these, but the primary intention of Lumity is that of ‘anti-ageing’, by repairing oxidative damage and contributing to collagen and elastin formation in your skin. I’m regularly told that I look well rested, despite having a toddler who has never slept through the night – and I put much of that down to these."

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Martha Ward

    Fashion Editor Condé Nast Traveller UK & US


    Thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to Lumity (my god I love a supplement, and only a good one). Not only do they look incredibly chic on my shelves, they’re also making me feel and look rather marvellous!

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Mika Simmons

    Actress, Filmmaker and Host of The Happy Vagina Podcast


    Lumity's supplements are all I need to stay vibrant in skin, heart and mind. As soon as I started taking the nighttime supplements - packed with magnesium and collagen renewal enhancers - I immediately noticed I was sleeping deeper and waking up in the morning feeling properly rested and looking vital. I've noticed a vast difference in my energy from the day time supplements, plus they are simply magic for hair and nails. So clever to match the ingredients to what women need most at the start and end of each day. I feel in very safe hands to age gracefully, and naturally, with Lumity.

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Kate Brindley

    Morning & Night Customer


    "The Morning & Night supplements have been revolutionary to my physical and mental well-being. Since taking them consistently they’ve given me deep, replenishing sleep which I never had before and also a notable feeling of hormonal balance. My hair is thicker and my nails grow in a strong healthy way. I’m so glad I found Lumity."

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Mary Greenwell

    Make Up Artist


    "I've been using Lumity morning and Night supplements for a number of years now and I can honestly say I have seen a huge overall improvement whilst taking them. Most notably in the appearance of my skin. Glowing hydrated and supple creating the ideal base for applying make-up. My industry friends love them too, they are easy to take and the benefits are like nothing else!"

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Zoe De Pass

    Founder of Dress Like A Mum & Social Influencer


    "Since taking Lumity I have found that I sleep better, my skin feels great and overall I feel healthier. So if you are looking for a supplement that pretty much does everything you need it to then I would definitely recommend Lumity."

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Nadine Baggott

    Beauty Expert


    "My hormone doctor recommended Lumity to me for good quality sleep and improved energy and, I must say, they’re working brilliantly."

    Morning & Night Female Customer
    Millie MackIntosh

    TV Personality


    "​I don’t like taking multiple tablets, and the Lumity Morning & Night supplement has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids I need to keep my skin, hair, bones and nails healthy!"

    Morning & Night Female Customer

    Transformational results, exceptional value

    £240 per 4 weeks
    £79 per 4 weeks

    The Journey

    WEEKS 1-4

    "What I couldn't believe is I slept the first night I took them right through, and when I read the description it said 12 weeks. So I was prepared for quite a wait before I felt the benefits, but I just couldn't believe it, it was from day one - I would go to bed and I would go to sleep." - Lesley, Morning & Night customer

    Energy levels, improved sleep and increased mental performance including focus and clarity, are some of the first benefits our customers begin to see within the first 4 weeks.

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