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11 Reasons You Should Love Your Age

In the grand scheme of things what are a few wrinkles and a couple of grey hairs when getting older can offer you all of these incredible things?

If someone told you they knew how you could be happier, healthier, less stressed and more grateful too, you’d be queuing up to discover their secret. 
But getting older can bring all of the above benefits and more. Because your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond can truly be the most magical years of your life and here are just a few reasons why anti-ageing is out and pro-ageing is in.

You have more time

When you’re older you have more time to do what you want, when you want. Your life is far less dictated by the people around you and you will suddenly feel like you have time to fill, rather than not enough time in the day. 

You’re less emotional

Post-menopause, you can finally get off that hormonal rollercoaster that’s been plaguing you since you got your first period and become less emotional - for often what felt like no reason at all. You’ll find you’re much more level headed when you’re older and that feels really good.  

You can still be strong

You don’t need to hang up your workout gear or use your age as an excuse not to stay in shape, because you can be fit whatever your age and strong too.
While muscle mass does deplete as you get older, with the right exercise regime, which includes strength training, you can make the same muscle gains as people half your age. 

You’re less jealous

Jealousy is a horrible thing, but even the best of us have had a case of the green-eyed monster and when you’re young getting envious of other people’s looks, friendships and romances are quite common. As you get older though, those feelings ebb away and it’s rare to feel those pangs of envy, which is so refreshing. 

You have less stress

A hectic family and work life can be stressful, so it makes sense that once the kids have fled the nest or you’ve retired, or both your stress levels dramatically reduced. Since chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illnesses - such as heart disease and even cancer - reducing it can do wonders for your health. 

You learn to be more grateful

When you’ve watched other people suffer and perhaps even lost loved ones you learn that being alive is a privilege and you become much more grateful for what you have. You can look around and truly appreciate even the little things.

You have better sex

Your sex drive might not be what it was when you were in your 20s, but as you age you could be headed for a more fulfilling time since it’s more about quality than quantity! 

Plus, all those years of experience leave you knowing exactly what you want, or at the very least confident enough to try something new.

You’re more generous

Apparently, you’re more inclined to help out other’s less fortunate than yourself when you’re older. A study at a university in Singapore showed younger people are less likely to give handouts than the ageing generation.

You can be a kid again

When you’re a child you don’t care what people think and laughter and silliness is everything. But somewhere in life you develop an ego and self-awareness kicks in and lots of the childish antics are squashed. At a certain point it’s like this all comes flooding back and you are only too happy to play the fool again. Taking yourself less seriously can bring so much joy, plus the grandchildren will love you for it. 

You embrace your wrinkles

When that first wrinkle or fine line appeared in your 30s you likely did all you could to rid your perfect complexion of it. But you get to a point in life when you realise wrinkles are your storyboard. They’re markers of the best and worst times and proof you’ve navigated your way through it. As Diane Von Furstenberg says of wrinkles: “My face carries all my memories. Why would I erase them?”

You’re happier

You’re overall happiness levels actually raise as you age - most specifically after the age of 50. While things can be a little grizzly in your 30s and 40s studies show after the big 5-0 you get happier. In fact, one study suggested you are happier at 85 than 18! Now that’s something to smile about. 


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