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6 Reasons Green Balance Is The Ultimate Vegan Supplement

As a team dedicated to inside-out health, beauty and wellbeing, we know better than most that quality supplementation is crucial to feeling like your best self - and that it can be even more important when following a vegan diet. That’s why we’ve formulated our Green Balance Booster supplements with vegans and vegetarians in mind - providing on-the-go nutritional support at times when balanced nourishment can be tricky.

Like all our formulas, we’ve carefully combined performance-proven ingredients to help address the nine causes of ageing by upgrading the body’s defences and optimising the repair and regeneration processes. Our products are also designed to deliver daily, all-round benefits including Brain health, stronger muscles, bones and joints, greater hormonal balance, and healthy hair skin and nails.

Crucially, Green Balance is designed to do all this while supporting a vegan diet. Take a closer look at the 6 reasons why Green Balance is the ultimate vegan supplement below.


Our supplements contain carefully selected nutrients that support a healthy, energy-yielding metabolism, a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, healthy thyroid function and healthy oxygen transport in the body - all of which lead to increased vitality and reduced feelings of fatigue. Afternoon slump? Not for you. 


Green Balance actively contributes to a strong nervous system, improved psychological and cognitive function, and healthy neurotransmission. That sounds complex, but what it means is your brain is actively supported in all the ways it needs to be for a long and healthy life - and you’ll notice greater levels of concentration too! Result. 


We could wax lyrical about all the ways this supplement supports a healthy and happy body. From boosting your hair, skin and nails to protecting healthy DNA and cell division, our unique blend of performance-proven ingredients was designed with one thing in mind: Optimum health.  


Protecting the structural strength of your body is vital which is why we’ve included key ingredients that help to maintain strong joints, muscles, connective tissues, cartilage, bones and teeth. Our formulation also supports healthy calcium and phosphorus levels plus the production of collagen - all required for optimal strength.


Green Balance contributes to healthy fertility, reproduction, testosterone levels, spermatogenesis and regulation of hormonal activity. In short: you’ll feel stable, grounded and centred. The dream.


By upgrading the body’s defence, repair and regeneration processes, this daily supplement delivers radiant skin, healthy hair and stronger nails, whilst supporting your cells through the ageing process and protecting against oxidative stress.

Take a closer look at the ingredients list and shop Green Balance here .

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