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How to Prevent Skin Ageing: Top Tips to Help you Look & Feel Younger.

As we get older, our skin may start to show the signs of ageing with the odd wrinkle. Don’t panic, we want you to embrace ageing and feel happier when you look in the mirror. 

It goes without saying that skin ageing is a natural occurrence which should be embraced with positivity. You can slow down the signs of ageing and celebrate your age with style. 

We’ve collated some top tips below which will have your skin glowing and your face looking younger:

Always Wear Sunscreen 

UV Rays are one of the main causes of ageing skin as it contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. One of the best products you can use to protect your skin is sun lotion. Always make sure it’s rated SPF 30 and over and make sure you add an additional layer, teamed with a big sunhat and glasses to keep yourself fully protected.  According to research carried out by Australian Scientist, Maria Celia B. Hughes, Sunscreen can keep your skin looking youthful as long as it’s applied every day.

Buy that Holiday Glow

It’s nice to get out and try to get a tan naturally but what you’re not aware of is that you are naturally ageing your skin before it’s time. There is now plenty of high-quality self-tanning lotion that will add that natural look to your skin without turning you orange! Because self tans have now become more popular and of better quality, you can use them to make yourself look more youthful!

Yo Yo is a No No! 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to youthful looks. It’s important to eat healthily and exercise regularly to maintain to keep your skin in top condition. When your skin starts to lose collagens it loses its ability to bounce back cause your skin to become loose and saggy. 

You can reach a healthy weight whilst toning your body by doing some low impact exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and PiYo. Anti-ageing isn’t the only reason why you should stay fit as Niki Wibrow explains.

Drink Less Alcohol

Had a stressful day at work? Whilst it may be tempting to reach for the wine bottle it could be ageing you quicker than you hoped. Alcohol not only dehydrates you and causes you to gain weight, but it also damages your skin. Is that glass of wine, worth it?

Why not give our 5 quick ways to eliminate stress a read to help you unwind after a stressful day instead?

Eat Right 

So we’ve talked about exercise, but another great way to maintain your youth is by getting the right food in your diet. Here are a few to add to your meal plan if you’re not already getting them:

Watercress - contains a vast array of vitamins and increases the circulation and delivery of minerals around your body, resulting in oxygenation of the skin. As well as this it’s packed with Vitamin A and C which may keep away those little unwanted lines.

Red Bell Peppers - ever seen someone walking down the street eating a Bell Pepper, well they are onto something. Red Bell Peppers are full of antioxidants which are the key to anti-ageing. They also contain natural anti-inflammatory elements helping you to avoid those nasty breakouts. 

Blueberries - full of vitamins A and C as well as an age-defying ingredient called anthocyanin. They help to protect skin from damage due to the sun, stress and pollution (three main causes of ageing).

Broccoli - those little trees are full of anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing properties including vitamins C and K, fibre, Calcium and Folate. Vitamin C helps upkeep collagen which is the main ingredient which helps your skin bounce back. 

Spinach - Popeye’s favourite contains 4 different vitamins (A, C, E and K) as well as magnesium, iron and lutein. 

Nuts - a great source of vitamin E which helps skin retain moisture. Bonus, it also gives skin a healthy, natural glow. 

Avocado - not just for millennials! Avocado contains a healthy dose of vitamin A which sheds dead skin cells leaving us with glowing, radiant skin. 

Sweet Potatoes - again full of vitamin A and a healthy alternative to greasy fries!

Pomegranate Seeds - these are an age-old healing medicinal fruit due to its high level of vitamin C and a variety of potent antioxidants. 

Sugar, We Need to Talk!

Everyone has a sweet tooth, it’s a natural instinct. Going for that chocolate bar in the evening or adding chocolate sprinkles to your morning coffee could be ageing you without you even realising. Sugar is known for causing a variety of health problems including diabetes and heart problems but did you know that it also could be ageing you. We’re not saying cut it out, everyone deserves a treat, just think twice before heading to the chocolate aisle.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is important for many reasons. It will help you avoid the coffee in the morning and also reduce the signs of ageing.  If you sleep on a silk pillow you’ve already doubled your chances of reducing those lines as silk doesn’t pull on the face as cotton does. Make sure you afford coffee and sweet things just before bed and don’t turn on the TV in the bedroom. If you have trouble destressing before bed, consider an anxiety supplement that is designed specifically for those with sleeping issues. You’ll look 25 again before you know it!

Make Sure to Moisturise

Throughout the day our skin loses moisture and even more so when you step out of the shower or bath. By moisturising your skin you are adding a protective layer to lock in moisture. By adding a daily moisturiser to your face you will be sealing the moisture into your skin, so make sure you pick one which is suitable for your skin type. Moisturisers come in a variety of types including oils with the Lumity Facial Oil containing the important ingredients to moisturise your skin daily. 

So there you have it, our top tips for preventing skin ageing! Follow these and you’ll be looking and feeling younger in no time! Did we miss anything out? Please let us know in the comments below! 

One of the best ways to tackle the effects of ageing on your skin is by using our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil & Day & Night Nutritional Supplements. Shop the complete range of our products here!


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