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Top 19 UK Healthy Living Blogs 2019

These are our favourite Healthy Living Blogs right now!

Looking for a list of the best Health Blogs of 2019? 

You’ve come to the right place!

We all love a Healthy Living Blog and the helpful, interesting and humorous content they put out.

Whether it's great workout routine ideas, healthy meal recipes, natural beauty tips, mental health advice or simply playful memes, they’re a great place to spend a few online hours.

But with so many Health and Healthy Living blogs to read these days, it can be hard to know where to start...

That’s why as Health & Beauty a beauty experts, we here at Lumity have selected our top 18 so you can rest assured that these are the very best Healthy Living Blogs out there!

We got in touch with a few of our favourites and asked them to give us the lowdown on what you can expect to find on their brilliant blogs! 

See what they had to say and the full list below:

Carly Rowena

“What first started out as a fitness blog has (as with all channels) become my own little personal place to rant and explore key topics I care about. It ranges from motherhood, sex and relationships to fitness, nutrition, my personal style and mental health. It is, of course, where I also sell my online workout cards and worldwide retreats.

I have always loved writing and, while I love YouTube, nothing beats being able to jot down your feelings and really let your mind flow. That’s where began as my own little corner of the internet where I can share my current reality.

I have lots in store for my blog, more retreats including one in Indonesia and other local ones in the EU and UK. I am also about to release my jewellery line in collaboration with Lisa Angel and will always be creating new guides and products to help those who follow me live their best lives!”

Supercharged Food

Supercharged Food is a lifestyle blog that incorporates recipes, online programs and an online store with books and ingredients and wellness products. We focus on anti-inflammatory foods and gut health. I am also the author of nine cookbooks.

I started it because I needed to improve my health from the inside out. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease and fibromyalgia several years ago, I was accustomed to feeling constantly lethargic, down and being on a myriad of prescribed drugs and antibiotics.
While I was prescribed so many drugs and antibiotics to ‘cure’ my body, I knew that the real change in my health could only come from me. This sparked my interest in all things well being, gut and nutrition. Instead of just reading about this information, I started to live by it. I had previously studied food and nutrition and went to cooking school. This is where I planted my supercharged roots, and started the blog that has taken me to where I am today. I started to document my process, discoveries and recipes on my blog, in the hope of helping people who had had similar experiences with their health through food and a sense of understanding. 
My desire was, and still is, to make healthy cooking and eating delicious and simple for everyone. I’m trying to change the way that people see health, and help people take it into their own hands, one gut-boosting smoothie at a time.

This year is certainly a huge one for me! I’m so thrilled with all of the amazing feedback I’ve already gotten about my Supercharge Your Life book and am going for a tour around the United Kingdom – I’m so excited to meet everyone! I’m also working on a new and delicious (hint!) product and another book I know you will love! My goal for 2019 is to constantly grow from experiences, learn from everybody and live unapologetically.

Be Healthy Now

“My blog focuses on healthy lifestyle and natural living. My goal is to educate, inform, motivate and inspire people to help them be healthier. I believe in a holistic approach to health and for this reason, I cover a wide range of topics, from healthy eating tips to fitness and natural remedies.

Both of my parents died of cancer which really motivated me to start this blog. I wanted to have a place online where I can share all the things I discovered during my own personal healthy living journey.

I want to continue publishing useful informational articles which help people make the right decisions on their healthy living journeys. I also want to share with my audience more of the product recommendations to help them pick only the best of the best in fitness, nutrition, health foods and natural living.”


“My blog is a lighthearted look at all things fitness-related, including running, walking, cycling and going to the gym. It also covers reviews of gadgets and fitness clothing.

I set up the blog when I first started running in 2006. I’d just stopped smoking and had a lot of energy to burn so I thought I’d start running and record my progress on a blog.

My running has been a bit inconsistent lately so I’d like to get back into it and start recording my progress again.”

Poppy Cross

“My blog is about me living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on my running training and races/events as well as outdoor adventures.

I set it up as a way of sharing how fulfilling it is to lead a healthy fit lifestyle. If you want to optimise your life then you have to have a healthy mind and body. I hope my blog serves as a reminder of this.
I plan to keep documenting my running challenges and focus on health and wellbeing brands that are having a positive impact on people and the environment. I also plan to talk about mental health more.”

PT Mollie

PT Mollie is the Happiness Personal Trainer.  On her blog, she highlights ways to balance work, life, fitness, food, and fun.  She believes women should pursue activities they enjoy to ensure workouts are fun and appealing.  She also shares what adventure she is currently training for and the products she is using that her readers may enjoy.

“Originally, the blog was a way to showcase my knowledge as a personal trainer.  For example, there are over 100 free 15 minute workouts to enjoy.” It slowly grew to include product reviews and documents her own training.

“The blog and brand are about to be re-designed, which is very exciting!” Earlier in 2019, Mollie published her first book, '52 Weekend Challenges: Cultivating Health and Happiness'.  She hopes to complete her second book by the end of the year and continue to offer her popular '30 Days to Happy' online program.

Forever Amber 

“I blog about parenting, travel, and anything else that takes my fancy.

I was working as a journalist, and had kept diaries all my life, so when I discovered the world of "online journals" as they were then called, it seemed like the perfect way to merge the two.

I don't have any specific plans at the moment, I'm just going to see where it takes me!”

Fitness on Toast

Fitness On Toast was founded in 2013 by Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer. Initially, it was a place to share her healthy and unusual recipes with her clients, to offer nutritional tips, workout ideas and create fitness looks. Fitness On Toast was named after Faya moved to the UK and was surprised how many foods were served on toast! 

She has since been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Red and a variety of different publications.

Unconditionally Nourished

Jemma is a certified holistic wellbeing coach, blogger and retreat host trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After overcoming body confidence issues, Jemma wanted to empower others to be confident and feel fabulous. 

On the Unconditionally Nourished blog, she shares her top tips involving food, self care and general topics and how she manages to be a wife and a mother whilst still taking time to complete her self care regime. 

Zanna Van Dijk

After studying Speech Science at the University of Sheffield, Zanna discovered her passion for fitness and grew her hobby alongside her education. She launched her blog and started to discuss topics related to fitness, food and travel. After graduating in 2014 she decided to pursue a full-time fitness career and trained as a personal trainer. 

Since writing her book, Strong, she has appeared on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine, Women’s Fitness magazine and Healthy magazine as well as spreads in Glamour and Women’s Health. She now uses her following to spread a message about our impact on the environment as well as, workouts, nutritious meals and body confidence. 

Hemsley and Hemsley 

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley founded Hemsley + Hemsley in 2010 as a bespoke service aimed at helping people with their digestion and relationship with food. After cooking and catering for private clients, celebrities and top brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, their food philosophy has grown along with their blog.

Since Hemsley + Hemsley launched, Jasmine and Melissa have gone on to become international best sellers, launched products and opened their own cafe at Selfridges. Despite being TV personalities, they still continue contributing to their blog where they share numerous healthy recipes and personal achievements with their readers and mass social media following.


At mindbodygreen they take a 360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental well being. After Jason developed two extruded discs in his lower back and being told he would require surgery, he sought a second opinion where he was advised that yoga might be a way to avoid surgery. After a few months of yoga and wellness his back healed and mindbodygreen was created.

Colleen continued to work a corporate job until a pulmonary embolism convinced her to move over to the blog full time to help grow numbers and following. Since having their daughter, their passion has grown for wellness further with mindbodygreen sharing a variety of posts including food, exercises and mindfulness to support their readers.

Madeleine Shaw

After a poor diet as a teenager, Madeleine Shaw felt that she needed to change the way she lived and looked. After learning how to cook, her taste buds blossomed and her body began to change for the better. After studying nutrition and coaching people who wanted to eat well, she started to create her own ‘glow-getting’ recipes and used her website to share her recipes with her audience. 

Wholeheartedly Laura 

Laura is a wellbeing coach, business mentor and designer. She works with women who feel overwhelmed, disconnected and stuck in a rut. She started Wholeheartedly Laura in 2010 after realising that she wanted to share he wholehearted recipes with a wider audience. She qualified as a health coach in 2012 and has grown her blog to help women learn self care, business and recipes.

Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of colour. Encouraging their readers to embrace self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment. They affirm the consistent, preventative actions that cultivate a clear mind, strong body, prosperous spirit, and inspiration in our environments. 

Nutrition Stripped

McKel Kooienga founded Nutrition Stripped in 2013 after completing her Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

Creating a combination of nutrition, health benefits of foods, recipes, and nutritional posts, McKel has grown the blog from a small hobby to a website that has won numerous online awards including ours!

The Kitchen Shed 

The Kitchen Shed was founded by Charlie after having her first child over 9 years ago. By experimenting and cooking clean and healthy food, she decided to launch The Kitchen Shed. Working alongside her husband Luke, Charlie creates a variety of healthy recipes and information about sustaining a clean and healthy meal plan. 

Charlie has grown The Kitchen Shed from a small blog in her in-laws shed to a successful and helpful blog which she shares with her social media followers.

Happy Healthy Nat

Natalie is a 33-year old who believes that we should put 'healthy before selfie'. After being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2012, she wanted to encourage others that they can still eat what they want and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle and started Happyhealthynat, to share recipes and blog posts about living with a gluten intolerance.


We couldn't choose a list of the very best healthy living blogs without blowing our own trumpet! Our very own blog features helpful, interesting and in-depth articles on a number of topics that fit under 'Healthy Living' from fitness and health tips to guides on nutrition and mental health. We also have more posts where we recommend other great blogs like this! 


So there you have it, our top 18 Healthy Living blogs! Hopefully this list has inspired you to go and give some of them a read and change your lifestyle for the better! Did we miss one of your best blogs off the list? Let us know on Twitter. Need a way to quickly improve your nutritional intake? Lumity's Immunity Support Supplements is a comprehensive blend of key vitamins needed to improve your immune system.

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