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Best cleansers for dry skin that will leave your face feeling hydrated

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The best cleansers for dry skin don’t just remove make-up, impurities and grime – they nourish the skin, too, protecting against dehydration and irritation. Not sure which is right for you? We’re here to help.

Finding the best cleanser for dry skin can sometimes prove a struggle. We all know you should be taking off your make-up and cleansing thoroughly every evening, but using an overly harsh cleanser can strip your skin, leaving it feeling dry and irritated.

This can lead to people shying away from certain cleansers altogether – causing other skin irritation, blemishes and acne to develop.

But what is dry skin and why does the cleanser you use matter?

What causes dry skin?

“Dry skin ultimately lacks oil” says Mark Curry, co-founder of The INKEY List. “It is usually genetic, meaning you were probably born with less oil-producing glands than normal. This can leave the skin all over your body tight and dry and can be exacerbated in cold, dry weather.”

Without proper hydration and protection, it can become cracked, sore, dull and irritated. The best cleansers not only remove make-up – but can also help to boost radiance and prep your skin for what’s next to come. They help to slough away surface grime and dead skin cells, allowing you to get the most out of your next skincare steps: your serum and moisturiser.

Whether you were born with dry skin or it’s something that’s developed over time, it’s no secret that dry skin can get worse around this time of year. The cold weather and fluctuation in office temperatures can aggravate the skin further – leading to irritation, redness and dehydration. This means that it’s even more important to find a cleanser that works for you.

What id the best facial cleanser for dry skin? 

To help, we’ve rounded up the very best cleansers for dry skin, all of which will effectively remove make-up and cleanse your skin without overly stripping or drying out your complexion.

Lumity 4-in-1 Cleansing Balm, £55

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