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Lumity Male Supplements Review

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Lumity Life are revolutionising the way we look after ourselves. Coping with the demands of modern day life can often result in our nutritional needs taking a backseat. This, coupled with a lack of sleep and a reliance on coffee is not a healthy way to live. Consequently, exhaustion can kick in and, in turn, accelerate ageing.

Reading through the Lumity website, this lifestyle sounded all too familiar to me. I’m notoriously guilty for neglecting my nutritional needs and this has to change. Furthermore, as much as I enjoy a good coffee on a morning, when this turns into ‘X’ number of cups over the course of the day, a realisation of dependence starts to kick in.

Morning & Night Lumity Male Supplements Review

Locating the stylish Lumity branded box on my bedside cabinet was a handy reminder for me to set up a routine. The dosage was readily available to me each morning and night. Four tablets on a morning and four at night.

The Male Supplements are designed to deliver multiple benefits with a targeted 24/7 nutrient rich support, hence the morning and night dosage.

It didn’t take long for me to start noticing a difference in my everyday life. Above all, I noticed a difference in my skin. My complexion certainly improved and my skin just seemed to be in an overall healthier condition.

Additionally, I woke up more refreshed. For instance, I had no trouble at all waking up early on a morning to get started on the day ahead. Prior to the Lumity supplements, I occasionally found it hard to stay motivated, especially during lockdown. I would find parts of my day plagued with feeling lethargic.

The Lumity Female Supplements were formulated before the men’s, but like the men’s, are clinically proven to support healthy ageing in a number of key areas:

Healthy skin, hair & nails
Energy & brain health
Immune support
Metabolism & absorption
Joints, muscles & teeth
Protection against oxidative stress

After a 12-week, independent study, 92% of participants noticed a significant shift in the condition of skin, hair and nails. 84% reported that they had more energy and reduced tiredness, with increased immunity and improved balance also scoring highly amongst the findings.

The men’s formula is similar but includes three additional ingredients specifically targeted for men’s health. Whilst the clinical trial and the results are pending, after trialling the day and night supplements I would certainly agree with the statistics above. Increased energy levels, in particular, have certainly benefited my everyday routine.

Going forward, the Lumity range will most definitely be making a regular appearance in my health and well-being regime. I’m looking forward to feeling refreshed, focused and being able to seize the day.

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