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Lumity x GenM

Championing & empowering women, at every life stage

Lumity x GenM

Why we've partnered with GenM

At our core, we want to provide our community with the best products, resources and expert advice, to ensure that every woman feels fully empowered, informed and supported, at every stage of their menopause journey.

We’ve partnered with GenM to help lead their disruptive, first-of-its-kind mission to make the menopause a more positive experience. As a brand, we’re proud to join forces with like minded, progressive and responsible brands to improve & normalise the unique experiences & conversations surrounding menopause.

What matter most to us...

We want to lead the charge on this new era, standing at the forefront of the women's health movement, to empower and support women with our range of award-winning, clinically tested product range.

GenM is successfully building a vibrant menopause marketplace that showcases brands, designed to take the stress out of the menopause whilst empowering women to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Our Commitment

As a GenM partner, we're committed to delivering across the below shared values...

Be The Change

Become part of a revolutionary brand-led movement to improve the menopause experience for consumers and colleagues.


As the world’s first independent menopause-friendly symbol, the MTick is a defining moment in menopause awareness and representation. Lumity joins a host of founding members in the GenM collective that are committed to pioneering this revolution.

Many of wonderful customers continue to share how our award-winning supplements support them through their perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause journeys. Utilising GenM’s MTick allows our brand to highlight the products that best suit this audience with the utmost visibility and credibility

Keep an eye out for the MTick logo featured on our clinically-tested nutritional supplements - expertly designed by women, for women.

Discover Our MTick-Approved Products

Female Morning & Night

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Restful Nights

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Facial Oil

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