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Holiday Beauty Essentials To Pack in 2020

Staycations have become a necessity with many of us opting to take our holidays in our home country rather than go abroad. But, with the cost of flights to places like Italy at bargain prices, lots of us are still heading for the airport and to exotic destinations. There’s no doubt that what we pack while travelling has changed in the past year, so here’s our essentials list.

The top beauty products for hair, skin and nails

An effective way to travel light is by packing beauty items that put in double and triple time when it comes to your skincare needs - with multiple uses. Think, a cleanser that doubles as a facial mask, or a moisturising oil that works as well on your face as it does on your legs and hands. 

Lumity Travel Collection – includes a 7 day supply of supplements, plus the award-winning Skin Nutrients Facial Oil which has multiple uses to cover most of your beauty needs, even uses you may not have thought of! It can be taken in your hand luggage, so is perfect if you are keen not to put extra suitcases in the hold.

- Trinny London does a brilliantly genius stackable makeup range. She’s picked creams instead of powders, so they travel well - with no need for brushes or applicators - and a lip colour puts in double time as a blusher or eyeshadow, while the best-selling BFF cream perfects skin while also acting as a BB cream.

- Aloe Vera is an old favourite which moisturises skin, while also acting as a highly effective cure for sunburn.

- Dry shampoo is a must if you’re not planning to wash your hair for a few days, but you could pack some so you have it to fall back on just in case you need it, while relying on the hotel’s complimentary shampoo supply while you’re away.

- Argan oil – you can use a natural oil of your choice as a hair masque (comb in to wet hair then wash out and dry as usual after ten minutes), as a moisturiser for legs, feet and hands, plus you can use it as a lip balm and a cuticle oil.

Travel tips to keep you looking and feeling your best

Once you’re away the chances are you’ll want to focus on enjoying yourself, without worrying too much about what you look like. This doesn’t mean you have to look a mess in your holiday photos.

How to pack clothes so they don’t crease

We’ve created a how to guide to packing so your clothes won’t need ironing and washing once you arrive. Pick materials which don’t crease easily and roll them up rather than fold them into your suitcase.

Organise outfits before travelling

If you usually come home with a full suitcase of unworn clothes you’re not alone. The key is clothes that put in double time – think a couple of glam beach dresses that you can pair with heels or sandals for a night out. 

Take skincare for the plane journey

Plane journeys can wreck your skin because of the dehydration, plus wearing masks can give people spots and breakouts so don’t forget to pack a bottle of facial oil to moisturise and heal your skin as you fly.

Read a book or relax with activities you may not have time to do at home

One of the joys of a beach holiday is being able to lie down and catch up on your reading list. We love Dawn O’Porter’s So Lucky which is the perfect beach read.

Embrace your beach body

There’s a popular meme that says to embrace your beach body all you need is to have a body and go to the beach. If you’re not feeling confident, then try hitting the cardio machines at the gym for a couple of weeks before leaving. This will have the bonus of helping your immune system by reducing stress and helping you sleep better. If you're feeling specially anxious and struggling to rest, Natural Sleep & Anxiety Supplements can help you relax and enjoy the sun.

Stay hydrated

Your skin, entire body and immune system will all benefit from you staying hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you as a reminder to top your H2O levels up. Alternate glasses of wine with water so you don’t wake up the next morning completely parched.


Beauty products to leave at home

We are big fans of leaving any beauty item that can’t be taken in your hand luggage behind. Minis and travel sizes are the smart option for holidays.

- Make up wipes and supplies - take a re-washable muslin cloth instead or cleanser that does it all (like the mini Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse which cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises and acts as a face mask).

- Hair styling tools – give your hair and your hand luggage a break by embracing air drying. You can always pile your hair up on your head into a messy bun for casual yet cool French girl chic.

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