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How To Boost Your Male Immune System

Want to know how to boost your immune system as a man? In this article we explain exactly how to boost the male immune system.

When you have a strong immune system, you stand a much better chance of fighting off seasonal colds and flu, plus you are more likely to avoid contracting serious infections such as Covid-19. When your immune system is low, it results in frequent infections and sickness. 

It is crucial to look after your immune system every day to safeguard yourself against the chances of coming down with something debilitating, life-threatening, or otherwise serious in the future. 

There are effective lifestyle choices you can make that will go a long way to ensuring your continued good immune health. 

The Difference Between the Male and Female Immune System

Research has consistently shown that women have a stronger immune response to infections than men do. Scientists believe that women’s bodies are better able to produce antibodies than men’s are. This difference is due to environmental and lifestyle factors as well as the differing sex hormones in men and women.  

Biological factors 

Women often have a stronger immune response to infections and vaccinations than men. This immune response is thought to be due to sex hormones. The estrogens in the female body have an immune-stimulating effect, while the androgens in the male body have an immune-suppressing effect.

Social factors

Historically men tend to drink more alcohol and smoke more cigarettes than women do. During China’s 2020 coronavirus outbreak, researchers concluded that a higher percentage of men died from Covid-19 because they were smokers or tended to be more overweight than their female counterparts. 

Can The Male Immune System Weaken With Age?

A team at The Jackson Laboratory in the United States did an in depth study to analyse the differences in male and female immunity. Scientists studied a large amount of immune cells taken from healthy people whose ages ranged from 22 to 93. The study found that there were significant differences in immune gene regulation and function between men and women as they got older. From the age of 65 onwards they concluded that men have a less robust immune system than women of the same age. 

That’s not to say that female immune health doesn’t also decline with age, it is just that it doesn’t decline as much as it does with men. This could also explain why women often tend to live for an average of ten years longer than men.  

How The Male Immune System Can Weaken With Age

From the age of 35 onwards, immune health starts to weaken in men. This is because the body becomes less efficient overall, but it can be mitigated by a healthy diet packed with essential nutrients, regular exercise and a focus on a good night’s sleep each night, as well as efforts to reduce stress levels. If you're struggling to rest in the evening, a Supplement for Sleep will allow you to be restored and enjoy a restful night.

How Does the Immune System Change With Age Differ Between Men And Women?

After the age of 65, men display higher innate and pro-inflammatory immune activity and lower adaptive immune function, indicating less robust infection response. Women have better immune health overall but are more likely to suffer with autoimmune disease than men. 

How Supplements Can Boost The Male Immune System

Boosting the immune system is not possible per se. You can look after your immune health by giving it the nutrients it needs to function at its most effective on a daily basis. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium, plus amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids are all crucial to help the body fight off infections. 

It’s best to pick an immunity supplement that has been formulated with men’s health needs in mind. Lumity’s innovative two-step supplement contains all the body needs for optimum immune health so men can give themselves their immune system all the help it needs to function at its best. 

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