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When to Start Anti-Ageing Skincare

A preventative anti-ageing skincare regime is important for healthy, happy skin, but how soon is too soon to start worrying about wrinkles and crow’s feet?

While Lumity is pro-ageing and believes you should embrace your age and not fear it, having that outlook is helped by looking after yourself and caring for the biggest organ in your body - your skin.

With such an array of products on the market it can be overwhelming deciding which ones will work best, but before you even get that far you have to decide at what age do you start your anti-ageing beauty regime.

Many women wait until they see the physical signs of ageing on the skin before they attempt to turn back the hands of time when in fact it’s far less work and way more effective to prevent premature signs of ageing rather than dealing with them once they are already there. 

It turns out it’s never too early to start your anti-ageing skincare regime and wearing SPF is a major part. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays which age your skin and can cause skin cancer is imperative and something you should be doing your entire life.

Wearing sunscreen every single day, rain or shine will go a long way to keeping wrinkles at bay.

Anti-Ageing in your 20s

You probably aren’t worrying about wrinkles when you ring in your 21st birthday, but actually many anti-ageing products contain antioxidants which you can start using in your early 20s.

It might sound like too soon to start thinking about how your skin is getting older, but it’s in your 20s when you start losing collagen - the protein which keeps skin elastic and youthful. Using products to help support the process of healthy collagen production are key

Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil is a 32 ingredient wonder and provides optimal nourishment for all skin types and ages and among many other benefits it promotes collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin’s structural matrix.

Is your Diet Ageing you?

To support healthy ageing you don’t just need to look at what you’re putting on your body, but what you’re putting in it too.

Even if in your 20s you can eat what you want without gaining weight, a diet consisting of processed foods, refined sugar and lots of fat won’t benefit you in the long run and will certainly cause your skin to crash and burn before it’s time. 

A healthy balanced diet is essential for overall well being and if you want to age feeling your best physically and mentally then you need should take a good look at your diet. 

Just as antioxidants are great in skincare products, they’re fantastic for your skin when you eat them too. So, eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants like blueberries, kale, strawberries and even a little dark chocolate thrown into the mix too and give your skin a boost.

What Age Should I Start Taking Supplements?

Lumity Day and Night Supplements are recommended for adults over the age of 25-30, who have started to notice the first signs of ageing or are eager to proactively take care of their health and appearance.

Skin ageing begins in the deepest layers, so it’s vital to provide skin with the nutrients it needs from within to stay healthy.

This can be done with a balanced diet as explained above and by adding Lumity’s three softball capsules in the morning and three at night to your daily routine. 

Are Anti-Ageing Products too Harsh for my Skin?

Many anti-ageing products focus on stimulating cell turnover by using harsh exfoliants. But these can do more harm than good on the skin, especially when you’re in your 20s and normal cell function still takes place. 

A lot of anti-ageing scrubs, serums and exfoliants contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and they can be overly aggressive. While you do want to remove dead skin cells from the surface of our skin you don’t want to damage your skin in the process.

No matter your age gentle exfoliation is best. You can still speed up cell turnover to maintain a more youthful complexion without resorting to chemical peels and harsh abrasives which could actually damage new cells and cause inflammation, dryness and breakouts. 

How Often Should I Change my Anti-Ageing Skincare Regime?

Although you should start caring for your skin from an early age, it’s important to work with your skin type and its age. 

Just as you change up your wardrobe and your make-up as you get older, so should you your skincare. What worked for you in your 20s likely won’t when you’re 60 because your skin alters with age. It likely becomes dryer and looser and you need to find a formula that works with your changing skin.

Is it too Late to Start an Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine?

Focusing on healthy ageing, nurturing and nourishing yourself from the inside out and protecting your skin from the harsh environmental factors is the anti-ageing regime you need, no matter what your age.

Even if you’ve gone your whole life without caring for your skin, remember it’s never too late, and you’re never too old to start something new!

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