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The benefits to look out for as each month goes by


At Lumity we truly believe that good health is wealth and not a cost, it’s an investment. Find out which benefits you’ll notice as each month goes by. 

Perhaps you have read articles about Lumity in newspapers and magazines, or heard about their seemingly mythical powers from friends, fitness experts, women in business or your favourite celebrities on social media.

But, everybody is different, and so whilst your friend might notice more energy, that they feel calm and haven’t had a cold for a long time in the first few weeks of taking Lumity, you might notice that your hair’s suddenly growing faster, your skin is clear and your nails are stronger and you have a mental clarity that you haven’t felt in years.

What’s important to remember is that consistency is key; the body puts nutrients where they’re needed first, so when you first start taking our supplements, you might not notice anything at all and that’s perfectly fine… Keep taking them! We recommend a minimum trial of three months, but for best results they’re suitable to take as a food supplement for as long as you want to take them. Just be careful not to take lots of multi-vitamins alongside Lumity – as there’s no need for them – and you must be careful to avoid toxicity from too much of a good thing.

Keep your day and night supplement bottles somewhere that will remind you that you need to be vigilant about taking them. Try by your toothbrush, next to your kettle, or by your bed.

The day and night formulas each contain a different team of clever nutrients which work together, which include vitamins A, B, D3, E and C, selenium, magnesium, turmeric root extract, flaxseed oil and no nasty binders, bulking agents or excipients. Because they’re designed to work around the clock, even while you sleep, remember to take your 3 morning and your 3 bedtime capsules.

It’s a really good idea to take a note of how you feel before you start taking Lumity supplements. Jot down how you feel most days, whether you have energy, or afternoon slumps, if you feel fed up or moody, how your sleep pattern is and if you wake regularly in the night, how you rate your skin, hair and nails and how often you catch things like colds and other bugs. Do you feel forgetful and as if you have brain fog?

You may have other issues too: Write them down and you can compare and contrast as each month goes by.

Which benefits will I notice in month one of taking Lumity supplements?

Depending on your starting point, you may notice higher energy levels during your first week of taking Lumity’s supplements. You could also feel more awake and well rested. But, you may feel none of these, or you may not notice them until towards the end of your first or second month. Jot down what you do notice.

Changes to look out for in month two of taking Lumity’s supplements?

At this stage, you might notice that your skin is clear, bright and perhaps a little tighter. Your nails could be stronger. Have you stopped needing a pick me up mid-morning? You may have stopped craving sugary foods and snacks, and afternoon slumps could now be a thing of the past.

The best part about this stage? – You’ll probably notice that people will comment that you look ‘well’ and receiving compliments will become your new normal. One of our clients told us that her husband thought she had secretly had wrinkle smoothing injections and didn’t believe that the change in her skin was Lumity’s supplements!

Which benefits could you notice after three months of taking Lumity’s supplements?

Now is the time to go back to the notes you took at the start and really compare everything from how you looked and felt then, to how you do now.

The big ones are greater immune resilience, increased strength and stamina, balance and an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.

Look out for: Radiant skin with better tone and fewer wrinkles, stronger hair and nails. And, a greater ability to deal with stress as well as feeling truly alive and full of ideas. It may be a bit as though you have woken up after a long period in hibernation! Perhaps aches and pains don’t bother you as much, and you have more energy to go to the gym. Suddenly the to-do list seems short and you feel happy when you wake up, rather than reaching for the snooze button.

If you can, write down what you have noticed and then take your next review as each month passes. If you really want to test if they’re ‘working’ or not, then stop taking them for a week and see if you miss them.

At Lumity we truly believe that good health is wealth and not a cost, it’s an investment.

We want you to be happy, so do please let us know if you have any concerns and our dedicated client care team are on hand to help you. Call via the free phone number on our website if you have any further questions or queries at all.